The Whitest Kids U’Know’s Trevor Moore on Drunk Texts and Being High in Church

Trevor Moore
Brad Barket/Comedy Central
Trevor Moore

The Whitest Kids U’Know star Trevor Moore’s Comedy Central special, High in Church, reveals a fact about circumcision you’ll never believe and includes a song called “Buying a Monkey.” Not sold yet? The act, which is more a multimedia concert than standup set, also has a cat video. We asked him about those felines, that monkey, and, of course, tripping during mass.

So, have you ever gotten high in church?

No, that happened to my buddy. He got high and didn’t realize he still had to go to midnight mass for Christmas. I turned it into a song.

How did you wrangle so many cat actors to reenact America’s evolution in the music video for “Kitty History”?

Oh, I didn’t. They were arching their backs and hissing, so I left. I remember thinking, “Well that video’s not going to work out.” Then the director started sending me footage later in the day of all the cats just sitting there and behaving. I was like, “What did you do?”

Now that you’ve worked with cats and a monkey [for “Buying a Monkey,”] which species produces the more giving actor?

Monkeys. When you shoot with a monkey, they bring you into a room first to bond with the monkey. There’s this moment where you meet, and right away the monkey just gave me a big hug. Her name is Chiquita and she was in Pirates of the Caribbean. We became really good friends. She was the monkey we used in every shot, except the one where the monkey is throwing money. Chiquita won’t throw things because she’s too polite. They had to get a completely different monkey to come in. He’s not so well behaved. He’s always throwing stuff. He’ll throw whatever you give him. He doesn’t care.

The song “Connie Watson” rips into your mom’s best friend. Is she made up?

Connie Watson is actually a combination of two people. That was a tricky one.

Does your mom know about it?

No, she does not.

You’ve written two songs listing the thoughts and ideas you’ve texted to yourself while inebriated. (“Drunk Texts to Myself” and “Drunk Texts to Myself, Volume II”). Have you sent any lately?

Let’s see. Here’s a nice, recent text I sent myself late at night: It says, “Fish in aquariums debating where food comes from once fish figure out they’re in an aquarium.”

What inspired you to write “God Hates the Tips,” the circumcision ditty?

I was thinking about how bizarre the practice is. That’s your first stop when you get to planet Earth. It’s the first thing that’s done to you. That’s really weird.

I didn’t Google the bit of trivia you instruct the audience to verify online, because I was afraid of seeing pictures. Did you make it up?

Nope. It’s 100 percent real.

You can hear the trivia and Google for yourself when High in Church airs tonight at midnight on Comedy Central.