What's Worth Watching: Wuthering High School: Or Bronte, 90210

Damian Holbrook
The Global Asylum/LIfetime

Wuthering High School

Wuthering High School (Saturday, March 14, 8/7c, Lifetime)

If The CW was adapting classic novels instead of comic books, I like to think that they would have come up with something like this: A soapy, sexy take on the beloved Emily Bronte tale about a young woman in love with the wrong man. Set in Malibu instead of the moors of England, the film stars Paloma Kwiatkowski (Bates Motel) as Cathy, the daughter of wealth whose grief over the death of her mother leads to alienation, ennui and some bad choices involving her bestie's boyfriend. Enter Heath, an undocumented kid taken in by Cathy's millionaire dad (James Caan), who brings out Cathy's reckless side. Soon, there are sparks, scandals, and proms to worry about and before you can say "we need a Cruel Intentions reboot," things get darker than most teen dramas dare to go these days.