‘Chicago Fire’: Kelly Severide Gives a Dose of the L Word to Ailing Anna (VIDEO)

Chicago Fire - Taylor Kinney

Like all of his romances Chicago Fire’s Lt. Kelly Severide’s (Taylor Kinney) relationship with Anna (Charlotte Sullivan), an ailing nurse he met after offering to donate bone marrow, has ebbed and flowed. (How is that so many women have in one way or another rejected this brave and extremely good-looking firefighter? Writers, really?)

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Anna’s cancer, sadly has come back, but in Tuesday’s show, she’s feeling better and Severide arrives at Chicago Med, bearing her a very welcome gift. “Stella Kidd (his former squeeze) suggested that a good old-fashioned burger and fries in the way to a woman’s heart,” says Sullivan. “They were burgers from a real restaurant Small Cheval and they’re the best decadent burgers on the planet. That’s good, because I had to eat like 18 of them.”

That’s not the only welcome gift Severide gives Anna during his visit. Check out TV Insider’s exclusive video clip below.

In other storylines in the episode “Carry Me”: Otis (Yuri Sadarov) and Cruz (Joe Minoso) have to deal with their fussy new roommate; Casey (Jesse Spencer)sticks his neck out to help his buddy Kannell (Kamal Angelo Bolden), and Severide helps an elderly widow let go of something she loves.

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