What’s Worth Watching: Strange Love Embraces All Love

Strange Love
Strange Love

Strange Love, (Wednesday, March 11, 10/9c, TLC)

The network that gave us Honey Boo and 19 Kids and Terrifying (or whatever it’s called) has stepped up its “look at how diverse our world is” game with this new show exploring the lives of fringe-worthy folks. Last week’s debut showcased a woman with fingernails longer than the line at Starbucks. Tonight, we get a professional Santa Claus looking for the perfect Mrs. Claus; a woman with 99-inch hips; and another woman with size 48NN breasts.

You would think that with such extreme tastes—and measurements—the show would come off as exploitative. But beneath the OMG factor, there is a big heart to the proceedings as the cameras capture the everyday struggles and successes of often-marginalized people who have felt for years that “normal” love is not available to them. It probably won’t change the way the world looks at them, but it may change your point of view.