What's Worth Watching: Man Seeking Woman Turns the Tables

Oriana Schwindt
Michael Gibson/FXX

Man Seeking Woman

Man Seeking Woman, "Teacup" (Wednesday, March 11, 10:30/9:30c, FXX)

Man, we're glad this show was renewed for a second season, despite catastrophically low ratings. Even better, tonight's episode focuses on Josh's (Jay Baruchel) sister, Liz (Britt Lower). Liz is the one who knows the ins and outs of love, the one Josh depends on for level-headed insight. Except Liz's long-term boyfriend has just dumped her, and everything sucks, and she's feeling a little pressure at the ripe old age of 29 to get back out there and date, except there are no good (straight) single men left. There are robotic childhood friends, though! And because this is MSW, we aren't using "robotic" figuratively. Her travails make for a funny, wry, and completely surreal half hour.