‘First Dates’ Couple Proves Talking Politics Is a Date No-No (VIDEO)

First Dates - Season 1
Pictured: (l-r) Austin Ferris, Colleen Coyle

Sometimes going out with someone new can be awkward, but this couple on NBC’s new reality series First Dates takes awkwardness to a new level.

From executive producer Ellen DeGeneres and narrated by Santa Clarita Diet star Drew Barrymore, the series follows real people trying to connect on a first date at a Chicago restaurant—and all the nauseating vulnerability that comes with it.

In the exclusive clip below from Episode 4, “Should I Try to Kiss You?” we meet Austin and Colleen, a couple having a very serious discussion about gun control. While he is a licensed carrier, his date is uncomfortable with his need to carry a gun—though that doesn’t last for long before the political brawl begins.

We’re pretty sure Austin’s not getting a second date, especially after she asks, “Do you feel threatened as a privileged white guy living in the south side of Chicago?” Check, please!

Check out the exclusive clip below.

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