American Horror Story: Freak Show had a Clue About Lady Gaga

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American Horror Story: Freak Show had a clue about Lady Gaga
An Oct. 29 episode contained a major clue about American Horror Story Season 5: a photo of a top hat, which alluded to Gaga and the 1935 film Top Hat, which is set in a hotel.

Tom Selleck’s Jesse Stone TV movie franchise moves to Hallmark Channel
Hallmark has ordered a 9th film in the detective series, which previously aired on CBS. Jesse Stone: Lost In Paradise is set to air this fall.

James Corden is modeling his Late Late Show after Graham Norton, with all the guests coming out at once
Just like the BBC’s Graham Norton Show, all the guests are expected to come out during the first segment after a shortened monologue. Corden will also have his guests play games, like Jimmy Fallon does with its guests. Corden admits, thought, that booking guests has been a challenge: “The hardest struggle is trying to convince people that this is a place where no one is ever going to be the butt of the joke,” he says.

Tales From The Darkside casts its lead
Kris Lemche will play the only regular role on the CW anthology series.

Amazon’s Hand of God gets adds guest-stars Erykah Badu and Lance Bass
The drama starring Ron Perlman, Garret Dillahunt, Andre Royo and Dana Delany has also enlisted Hunter Parrish and Jon Tenney as guest-stars.

The Walking Dead‘s Norman Reeds explains his licking obsession to Conan
He just likes to lick people.

Chris Hemsworth and Kate McKinnon try to recreate Dirty Dancing in SNL promos
Watch her call him a “bitch.”

Sesame Street parodies YouTube unboxing videos
Cookie Monster attempts to unbox a lunchbox.

Funny or Die creates The Bachelor with dogs, starring Scott Eastwood
Watch Eastwood try to find a new best friend.

Jimmy Fallon accepts a dancing on the desk challenge from a kid fan
A kid Tonight Show fan requested that Fallon dance on his desk, so he danced on his desk.