What's Worth Watching: LOL With AFHV

Damian Holbrook
Kevin Foley/ABC

America's Funniest Home Video

America's Funniest Home Videos (Sunday, March 8, 7/6c, ABC)

Like a 60 Minutes of stupid human tricks, AFHV feels like it's been around forever. And in a way, it has—25 years actually is forever in TV years. Not a lot of shows last this long. Especially ones that rely on viewer-generated content consisting mostly of the elderly busting a move at weddings, children tripping, and cats attacking flat-screens. But—and here is where I need you to stay with me— that is the joy of Tom Bergeron's Sunday-night gig: This stuff, while certainly sophomoric, is endlessly entertaining. Spit-out-your-Red Bull funny, even. If you haven't popped in on this staple in a while, go ahead and yuk it up tonight, kids. We promise, it doesn't make you a bad person for finding all the stumbles, fumbles, and mishaps caught on tape a cause for comedy. In fact, they're actually great reminders that everyone makes mistakes, so in a way, we're just laughing at ourselves. And there is nothing wrong with that.