What's Worth Watching: Behind the Mask's Latest Mascots

Oriana Schwindt
Behind The Mask Season 2

Behind The Mask Season 2

Behind the Mask, "Meet the Mascots" (Thursday, Feb. 26, Hulu)

It was fun enough watching pro and semi-pro mascots in Season 1 of the docuseries, but Season 2 now brings us Navey Baker, The Tiger of Gilbert High School in Gilbert, Arizona. Before Baker's arrival, The Tiger suit was halfheartedly inhabited by anyone who got drafted into putting it on, but Baker's infectious enthusiasm has revitalized the entire student body. We also get to know Chris Hall, a freelance mascot from Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Mascotting provides an outlet for the autistic Hall to express all the feelings he can't when he's just being "Chris," and it's all very spirit-lifting and moving.