What’s Worth Watching: Countdown to the Oscars: 15 Movies That Changed American Cinema

Countdown to the Oscars
Ida Mae Astute/ABC
Countdown to the Oscars

Countdown to the Oscars: 15 Movies That Changed American Cinema (Tuesday, Feb. 17, 10/9c, ABC)

Before the Oscar trophies are awarded on Sunday, ABC News and Robin Roberts count down the 15 most significant films in the history of American moviemaking. The list—curated by moviemakers, critics, and historians—will be revealed by a crop of this year’s acting nominees and contains its fair share of surprises, including an ’80s teen comedy and a movie so shocking that it inspired the creation of the ratings system. The special also dives into the academy’s vault and unearths some rare behind-the-scenes footage from these classic pictures. Will your favorites make the cut?

Bo and Hope’s Wedding (1985) “It was the classic bad boy-good girl, starcrossed-lovers story,” says Corday. “Bo was just so rough and awful when he came to town and Hope [Kristian Alfonso] was the well-scrubbed girl with the picket fence. The actors weren’t much different than their characters. [Laughs] Oooh, that’s a dangerous quote! I remember Brian Frons [then NBC Daytime chief] telling me, ‘You have to test this girl, Kristian Alfonso! She’s on the cover of Seventeen magazine and she’s drop-dead gorgeous!’ And the rest is history. The Bo and Hope wedding was magical—so sweet, honest, perfect. Incredible moment!”

Patch and Kayla’s Wedding (1988) “This was a similar formula to Bo and Hope—the rebel and the beauty. Patch [Stephen Nichols] was a really torn, damaged guy, and Kayla [Mary Beth Evans] had to redeem him through the power of her love, which has been the single most important theme on Days over the course of these 50 years,” says Corday. “The moment when Kayla can’t speak, and then the first words she says back to Patch are, ‘I love you,’ is simply incomparable. There wasn’t a dry eye when we were shooting that ceremony.”

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