DC Collectibles Drops New ‘The Flash’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Toys


With Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow filling our Monday-through-Thursday TV lineup, you’d think that would be enough action to keep fans occupied. But come on, let’s be honest, where there are capes, there are toys and whether you want to call them “dolls” or “action figures” or “the coolest desk decor ever,” these things are fun as hell to have around.

Based on their incredible stable of products, it’s clear that DC Collectibles knows this more than anyone. Just in time for Wonder-Con next week, the DC Comics merchandising arm has unloaded an arsenal of new goodies based on some of the DCTV titles and TV Insider grabbed up a few to show you what you could be playing with (or saving in a box for some future eBay score) right now!

DC Bombshells Jesse Quick Statue ($125)

While The Flash viewers know Violett Beane’s Jesse as a very modern member of the team (currently back on Earth 2), the 9-inch Bombshell version of Quick is a ’50s-style wink (literally) to the Speedster’s constant velocity, complete with a pair of roller skates over her shoulder and wind at her feet. Made of resin with a weighted base, the model is based on artist Ant Lucia’s design.

On #TheFlash, it’s Violett Beane playing #JesseQuick but for her #DCBombshells statue, the speedy lady gets the retro treatment from @dc_collectibles. #collectibles #dcomics #DC #bombshells #DCBombshells #statue #entertainment #Flash #comics

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Zoom Action Figure ($28)

It’s Barbie’s Dream Villain! With 15-points of articulation and that scary ass cowl, The Flash’s Season 2 baddie looks just as intimidating in a 6.75-inch edition. It comes with interchangeable hands and snap-on lightning bolt, so, you know, he can kill your other action figures. Snap-on Hunter Zolomon head not included.

#TheFlash baddie #Zoom should probably stay in the box, just to be safe. @DC_Collectibles #Speedster. #flash #dc #comics #dccomics #collectibles #comicbooks #thecw #theflashCW #entertainment

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Hawkgirl Action Figure ($28)

She may have only lasted one season on Legends of Tomorrow, but Kendra Saunders (Ciara Renee) can still ruffle fans’ feathers as her eternal alter ego. Like Zoom, this one has 15 points of articulation, interchangeable hands and a weapon, but it’s her attachable wings that really finish the look, don’t you think?

Fly girl! #Hawkgirl from Season 1 of #LegendsOfTomorrow takes off as a @DC_Collectibles figure with removable wings and hands. #Legends #LoT #dc #comics #dccomics #collectibles #comicbooks #thecw #DCsLegends #entertainment

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Firestorm Action Figure ($28)

Since there’s no Martin Stein figure (yet), anyone playing with this guy will just have to imagine Victor Garber’s voice as the consciousness of Franz Drameh’s Jax. The Legends of Tomorrow hothead is 6.75-inches of heat, including a flaming noggin and replaceable hands of shooting fire, as well as a non-flammable face for when the guy isn’t going off.

#LegendsOfTomorrow’s Jax bursts into #Firestorm in the new @DC_Collectibles articulated figure! #Legends #LoT #dc #comics #dccomics #collectibles #comicbooks #thecw #DCsLegends #entertainment #Jax

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These and so many more options—like a hilarious line of plush Super-Pets for the really little ones—are available at DC Collectibles and at select comic shops.

The Flash, Tuesday, 8/7c, The CW

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Tuesday, 9/8c, The CW