Is TV Going Overboard with Major Character Deaths?

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Is TV going overboard with major character deaths?
The Walking Dead isn’t the only show where beloved characters are frequently killed off. As Debra Birnbaum, “While crime rates are plummeting nationally, they’re skyrocketing on our screens. Vampire Diaries. Revenge. Supernatural. Game of Thrones. Nowadays, showrunners use major character deaths as a narrative shorthand to prove that a series has so-called ‘high stakes,’ but it’s a law of diminishing returns. Audiences have become desensitized — the unexpected has frankly become the expected.”

Law prof volunteers to fight Katy Perry in Left Shark legal battle
The sculptor whose Left Shark figurine prompted a legal threat from Katy Perry’s attorneys has enlisted the help of New York University law professor Christopher Jon Sprigman. He has fired off a letter to Katy Perry’s attorney quoting the singer as saying of her Super Bowl halftime show, “I am no longer the boss; I have to relinquish that control.” To which Sprigman writes, “If she wasn’t the boss of her halftime show, she’s also unlikely to be the copyright owner.”

Nia Vardalos to visit Jane the Virgin
The My Big Fat Greek Wedding star will play a “critical role” in Jane and Raphael’s life.

Report: Rosie O’Donnell is exiting The View amid a chaotic work environment
Rosie didn’t fit in at The View in her 2nd stint, and that may be due to the show having no clear leadership. Under the direction of ABC News, the show is being micro-managed by five executives. “There are way too many cooks,” one staffer tells Variety. With no leadership, there was nobody to try to settle the backstage and on-air differences between Rosie and Whoopi Goldberg.

Yaya DaCosta is the 1st cast for NBC’s proposed Chicago Med spinoff
The America’s Next Top Model alum, fresh off playing Whitney Houston on Lifetime, has joined the potential spinoff as a nurse who starts dating Taylor Kinney’s Chicago Fire character.

Person of Interest books Aasif Mandvi
The Daily Show contributor will guest as a tech tycoon.

SNL’s 40th special will pay a “huge amount of respect” to Eddie Murphy era, may include a Californians sketch
Lorne Michaels says they’ll probably do a sketch of “The Californians” with different cast members.

E! fans are concerned over Giuliana Rancic’s very thin frame
Some Twitter users expressed concern when the E! star showed off the side of her pantsuit on the Grammy red carpet.

The Walking Dead exec producer and The Notebook director are collaborating on Brothers in Crime
Gale Anne Hurd and Nick Cassavetes are adapting Brothers in Crime, about three brothers who descend into a criminal job to pay off a bank loan for their construction business.