Idina Menzel to Star in Ellen-Produced Happy Time Comedy

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Idina Menzel to Star in Ellen-produced Happy Time comedy
The project from Warner Bros TV will star Menzel as a woman in the public eye who stops pretending to be happy.

Viola Davis: How to Get Away with Murder” will be back for Season 2
Though ABC has yet to make the announcement official, Davis posted the news to her Facebook.

JK Simmons last appeared on SNL in 1999, when he was in prison with Jerry Seinfeld
This week’s SNL host was on Oz complaining about the Seinfeld series finale when Jerry Seinfeld visited for the fall 1999 Saturday Night Live season premiere.

Read the 1st chapter of David Duchovny’s debut novel
“Holy Cow: A Modern-Day Dairy Tale” is about a cow who undergoes an existential awakening.

Meet Meredith’s Grey’s Anatomy sister: Kelly McCreary once quit acting to work on a farm in Spain
The “Grey’s Anatomy” star recalls the tough time she had at the start of her career. At one point, she decided to leave acting.

The Good Wife books Oliver Platt
He’ll guest as a politically conservative businessman in a multi-episode arc.

What the Game of Thrones leaked Season 5 trailer reveals
Is there any significance to the trailer being set to David Bowie’s “Heroes”? PLUS: Why is Game of Thrones co-creator wearing a “R+L=J” shirt?, George R.R. Martin won’t release The Winds of Winter this year, and Maisie Williams says in a Reddit AMA Season 5 contains “my most difficult scene to film.”

Aziz Ansari is getting a 2nd Netflix comedy special
“Aziz Ansari: Live At Madison Square Garden” debuts on March 6.

Warner Bros. fixes the 1 Friends episode without clapping in the theme song
Turns out, there was a technical glitch during the “I’ll Be There For You” theme in the episode “The One with the Thumb.”

Sons of Anarchy mobile games are now available
Check out the trailer for “Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect.”

Parenthood exits with big numbers
Last night’s series finale was the highest-rated episode since December 2012, with 5.5 million tuning in. PLUS: Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy return up.