Parenthood Boss Would Like to do a Boyhood-Style Reunion Movie

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Parenthood boss would like to do a Boyhood-style reunion movie
“I want to know where this family is in three years or five years,” says exec producer Jason Katims, proposing that the cast reunites one week a year for filming. “I want to see what Max is like in his first job. I want to see where these people are down the road. But a million things have to come together in terms of getting all of these people available at the same time. And what’s the right context of it all.”

With Parenthood done, is the family drama dead?
There won’t be a single quality family drama on network TV following Parenthood’s exit, says Ken Tucker. “At a time when broadcast networks are desperate to attract the kind of critical and social-media acclaim that cable and streaming TV dominate, why are the networks ignoring the family drama?” he wonders.

Extant casts Jeffrey Dean Morgan
The “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Magic City” alum will play a “cop of the future” whose life is changed when he meets Halle Berry’s character.

Andrew WK is lobbying for a role on the Twin Peaks reboot
The hipster rocker wants David Lynch to cast him as Killer BOB.

The Americans producers discuss the season premiere’s ending
When the episode was screened in theaters, showrunners Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg noticed that some had an inappropriate reaction to the scene on Twitter. PLUS: Former CIA case officer says Russian spies live a boring life.

NBC picks up Problem Child reboot pilot
John Ritter’s 1990 movie is the 4th feature film adaptation in the works so far.

Fox orders Kevin Connolly fantasy football pilot, plus a comedy based on Weezer frontman’s life
The Entourage alum will star in Fantasy Life, based on ESPN fantasy guru Matthew Berry. Detour, inspired by Rivers Cuomo’s life, revolves around a rock star who quits his band to go to college at age 30.

Ken Jeong says Community on Yahoo is his favorite season — and not just because it’s “more British”
Jeong adds that this season isn’t raunchier just because it’s free of broadcast standards. PLUS: Watch Gillian Jacobs’ directorial debut on female coding pioneers.

John Oliver calls the Super Bowl “peak America”
He tells Letterman the annual event is “when America Americanized itself, to the full American extent.”

Super Bowl XLIX pits The Shield’s Vic Mackey vs. The Office’s Dwight Schrute
Michael Chiklis and Rainn Wilson are having a fan face-off.

Kim Kardashian: Jennifer Lawrence screamed to me, “I love your show!”
Kardashian notes that she was in an elevator when Lawrence, a noted reality TV enthusiast, “screamed across the lobby” to express her appreciation over Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Larry Wilmore isn’t afraid of being pigeonholed, says he grew up thinking Bill Cosby was a jerk
The Nightly Show host says his opinion of Cosby was formed early on when the comedian was mean to his mom when she asked for his autograph. As a result, Wilmore avoided watching “The Cosby Show.”

Is Supergirl’s interracial romance a big deal?
Mehcad Brooks’ casting as Jimmy Olsen raised some eyebrows, but there’s already an interracial superhero relationship on The Flash.

Simon Helberg can’t escape The Big Bang Theory’s Howard Wolowitz
In promoting his new film “We’ll Never Have Paris,” Helberg says his hit CBS sitcom has been helpful but it has also “actually hindered it a little bit.” “Characters are very burned into people’s minds,” he adds. “Sometimes people can’t separate that when they go to see you do something else. Sometimes people resent you for that. They pigeonhole you.”

Here’s Archer‘s Sterling Archer offering romantic advice
The World’s Greatest Spy offers his opinions on the Friend Zone, the ideal date and sex positions.

Amy Poehler honored with Hasty Pudding parade
Watch the celebration honoring the Parks and Rec star with Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year Award.

Presenting movies that became TV shows not once but twice
Parenthood, Fargo and The Odd Couple are among the films to get multiple TV remakes.

Pivot’s Fortitude combines a murder-mystery with polar bears
TV’s first Arctic murder-mystery starring Stanley Tucci and Michael Gambon “combines the best of scripted and reality programming,” says Mary McNamara, “unfurling the type of complex if invariably grim human drama we have come to expect from short-season cable series in an environment more familiar to fans of ‘Ice Road Truckers’ or National Geographic channel.”

TruTV’s Breaking Greenville is a reality sitcom on rival local newscasts
It’s Mary Tyler Moore meets Green Acres.