‘The Walking Dead’ Gives Major Leaguers a Date With Lucille

Negan Walking Dead Saviors
Gene Page/AMC
Jeffrey Dean Morgan wielding 'Lucille' as Negan in 'The Walking Dead'

Like most fans of The Walking Dead, I can’t resist a good piece of swag. My “Lucille Sluggers” baseball jersey appropriately mortifies my mother. I’d have a teeny-tiny rubber replica of Lucille—TWD super villain Negan’s iconic barbed-wire bat—dangling from my key chain if my husband would allow me to remove the sacred object from its box. He won’t. It doesn’t pay to ask. The curiosity about which ones we actually have only appears to be killing me.

Last week, some Major League TWD fans (like, literally Major League) got the best, most appropriate and ever-so-slightly disturbing “welcome to spring training” present when the show gifted them with their very own Lucilles. A number of them took to Twitter to show off their killer new lumber.

We reached out to AMC to find out the actual composition of the Boys of Summers’ bats (and how they chose who got the swag), but we struck out. So we’ll just trust that they’ll use their new gear to murder fastballs—and, maybe, our jealous hearts.

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