Ground Floor Grinds to a Halt

Ground Floor
Adam Rose/TBS
Ground Floor

Where better to come undone than Las Vegas? Last week, on Part 1 of Ground Floor‘s season finale, banker Brody’s (Skylar Astin) ex-girlfriend Heather (Astin’s real-life valentine, Anna Camp) returned from Hong Kong, where she’s been working for their mutual employer, Remington Trust. In tonight’s conclusion, Heather, Brody, and the rest of the firm head to Vegas for the boss’s daughter’s wedding–where Heather’s veneer cracks.

“She’s overworked and doesn’t want anyone to know,” Camp says. “She’s completely unraveling.” That means downing fruity drinks and spending a lot of time with one of Brody’s coworkers. And we don’t mean at the craps table–which, for the record, Camp didn’t hit either while filming on location at Caesars Palace. “I gamble with my acting choices,” the actress says with a giggle, “not with money.”

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