Schitt’s Creek Is a Family Affair

Schitt's Creek
Steve Wilkie/Pop
Schitt's Creek

Funnyman Eugene Levy (Best in Show) and his son Daniel (Admission) have finally gotten their Schitt together. The pair are collaborating for the first time as the stars and executive producers of Schitt’s Creek, Pop’s first foray into scripted TV. The series follows the prickly Roses, a formerly wealthy family who­, after bankruptcy, are forced to move to a small town they once bought as a joke. The comedy stars Eugene and Catherine O’Hara–his former SCTV cohort and frequent partner in Christopher Guest movies–as a video-store mogul and his ex-soap star wife, along with the younger Levy and Annie Murphy as their entitled kids.

“They’ve never known what it’s like to be a family,” says Daniel. “They all had their own homes. One was on a yacht; one was in a mansion. They only came together to exchange gifts at Christmas. So we had a lot of fun with how they interact.”

Just don’t expect an elitist takedown of rural life. While Daniel laughs that the Roses are “inept” when it comes to surviving in their less glamorous new location, “it’s as much about the [locals] looking at the Roses and thinking, ‘What the hell are these people?!'”

Schitt’s Creek, Series premiere, Wednesday, Feb. 11, 10/9c, Pop