‘Bones’ Boss on Aubrey’s Resolution, Working with John Boyd’s Real-Life Dad

Kevin Estrada/FOX
John Boyd in the "The Price for the Past" episode of Bones.

Bones‘ Aubrey (John Boyd) finally got closure in this week’s episode (Jan. 31), when his on-the-run father contacted him.

Philip Aubrey (Guy Boyd) tried to guilt his son into helping him, claiming he had a new family the FBI agent shouldn’t want to be destroyed. And though Aubrey talked things through with his father, he turned him in, leading to the elder Aubrey’s arrest. “We’re pretty much at the end of that arc,” executive producer Michael Peterson says. “Aubrey did the right thing. That’s not going to come back for the rest of the season, but we’re glad for the way things ended.”

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The hour also allowed for the Bones writers to cast Guy as his real-life son’s on-screen father. “It was such a joy, obviously, to get John Boyd’s own father to play that role,” Peterson says. “We knew we had planned out this arc with Aubrey, and we knew his father was an actor, and then when it worked out, it was such a joy. It was also very funny, because [Aubrey] was hard as hell on his dad because they have a horrible relationship [on-screen]. I joked with John, because they couldn’t get along better [in real life], but they have a difficult relationship they would have to portray.”

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