Stand down, Internet: Lena Dunham Doesn’t Think She’s the Voice of a Generation

Girls - Lena Dunham
Craig Blankenhorn

In April of 2012, HBO viewers were introduced to a group of twenty-something women that were trying to figure out life on their own on the show Girls. Nearly five years later, the series is heading into its sixth and final season on Feb. 12 and the nostalgia is already kicking in.

Wednesday afternoon the cast sat down for a Times Talk hosted by the New York Times to discuss the show and what the journey of being on the show has meant to them. According to the amiable group shooting the final season was emotionally draining, “that last week was so heartbreaking,” Allison Williams said. “I’m not going to not blame my ovaries,” added Lena Dunham.

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As the girls laughed together on stage they were asked about some of the hurdles they faced over the five-year stint. Dunham highlighted dialogue that she received quite a lot of backlash for in which her character Hannah tell her parents that she thinks she is the “voice of a generation.” Apparently there was no shortage of people that said the complete opposite, but Dunham wanted to make it clear, “I didn’t say I was,” but that her character had said it.

While Dunham was dismissive of the statement, Williams complimented her costar by adding, “If I may, I think you are [the voice of a generation].”

Watch the entire Times Talk with the cast of Girls below:

Girls, returns Sunday, February 12, 10/9c, HBO