‘Wheel of Fortune’: Ryan Seacrest Stars in New Promo – Fans React

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Wheel of Fortune released a promo video featuring new host Ryan Seacrest, and fans have a lot to say about it. This is the first promotional video for the upcoming season, which will be the first without longstanding, recently retired host Pat Sajak. The new season, co-hosted by Seacrest alongside Vanna White, will premiere in September.

The game show posted an Instagram video on Monday July 1 showcasing Seacrest alongside longtime co-host White. In the video, adorned in their hosting outfits, Seacrest says to White, “I can’t wait to get to work.” The promo continues as White is helping the new host “get ready for fall,” including yelling at him through a megaphone as he jogs alongside her studio cart and making him spin the wheel. The video ends with Seacrest exclaiming through a burst of confetti, “I’m ready!”

The caption for the video reads: “Ryan and Vanna are ready! Who else is?”


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Since Pat Sajak announced in 2023 that he would retire from his position after the conclusion of the most reason 41st season, fans have wondered how Seacrest would fill his shoes.

Many fans took to the video on Instagram to express their excitement and support for the new host.

“I love Ryan Seacrest!” one user wrote. “I can’t wait to watch him on Wheel of Fortune every night on TV.”

“Gonna miss Pat, but I’m ready for Ryan!” another commented.

Others expressed their disinterest in watching Wheel of Fortune sans Sajak.

“What a poor choice!” one user said.

“Never be the same. Won’t be watching,” wrote another.

Most comments, however, expressed being curious about and open to this new era of America’s favorite game show.

“I’m going to give him a chance. You got this Ryan, make Pat proud!” one user commented.

“I have been so anti-Ryan since I heard he was the new host and thought I’d never watch my favorite show again,” started one commenter. “But instead 180. I’m excited to see him do it. I think they did a great job casting him. I was too quick to be negative.”

“We’ve seen others take over from legendary game show hosts so I want to see how Ryan does here,” explained another fan. “Hosting is just to have fun, and seeing how this isn’t the first time Ryan has hosted a Merv Griffin-created game show, he’s moved up to one of his most beloved ones.”

As many have known since its announcement, the new host has big shoes to fill. Only time will tell how fans take to Seacrest come this fall.

Wheel of Fortune Season 42 Premiere, Fall 2024, check local listings