‘Perfect Match’ Star Harry Jowsey Teases Love Triangle Drama & Says Everyone’s Chasing ‘Clout’ in Season 2

Famous singles from across Netflix’s reality show universe are uniting in Panama for the highly-anticipated second season of Perfect Match Season 2, which premieres on June 7. The cast will search for compatibility with their fellow singles in hopes of being crowned this seasons’s “perfect match.” Harry Jowsey has become one of Netflix’s most notable reality stars because of messy relationship drama over the years.

That doesn’t stop in Season 2. The Too Hot to Handle alum gets caught up in a love triangle between Elys Hutchinson and Jessica Vestal as he searches for a compatible partner. Jowsey told TV Insider that his “goal was not to lead anyone on or be a disservice to anyone else and just kind of, like, follow my heart. We’re all there because we’re hoping that we’ve got a perfect match.”

He added, “I think when I was in that situation, I knew exactly what I was after, and that wasn’t this other person. It was the person that I chose, and I thought the absolute world of her. I think the absolute world of her. It’s always tough as well when there’s two girls involved, and you don’t want to break anyone’s heart. I also don’t want to be a d*ck and say the wrong thing. But after a few tequila shots, I kind of tend to do that. But yeah, it’s gonna be interesting to have to watch that back.”

While Jowsey was hopeful he’d find a romantic connection, he’ll be the first to admit why he joined the cast. “I think we were all looking for clout,” he said. “Like, we gotta be realistic. Come on, we’ve all been on reality shows before. We know it’s a Netflix show. We know there’s a lot of clout, a lot of drama. I think everyone’s got an element of wanting to find love and find that person, but I’m pretty sure we all want to get a nice bump on social media.”

Fellow cast member Stevan Ditter added, “At the end of the day, you always want to be hopeful to find love or find your person or something like that. But obviously, at the same time, as someone goes to a normal job, this is our job. This is how we get on and then we go back to the real world, and we build off of that. So I think there’s different motives for all of it, both for getting clout and finding love.”

Vestal and Micah Lussier are two Love Is Blind alums who flew to Panama for Season 2. So, what was it like trying to find love outside of the pods? Lussier admitted that she had a “confidence” going into Perfect Match that she didn’t have during Love Is Blind, so bringing that energy “was definitely really helpful.”

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