‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Ashley Jones & Winsor Harmon Return to CBS Show

Ashley Jones

Just how sick is Eric Forrester (John McCook) on Bold and the Beautiful? The patriarch’s been coughing up blood and has a serious mystery illness according to Dr. Colin Colby (Justin Davis). Could that be what’s prompting two of his children – daughter Bridget (Ashley Jones) and firstborn son Thorne (Winsor Harmon) – to come back to Los Angeles?

According to a B&B rep, the two Forrester children are back in town because of their dad, who just might be going to that great soap opera in the sky. Watch for the Forrester family to come together to support the beloved patriarch.

Harmon, who was last seen on the show in March of 2022 for B&B’s 35th anniversary episode, will pop up again on Tuesday, December 5. Jones returns as Bridget the following day, Wednesday, December 6.

Winsor Harmon, The Bold and the Beautiful

Perhaps Bridget, a doctor, might be able to lend some medical expertise to her dad’s life-threatening condition.

This all comes just days after Bold & Beautiful Supervising Producer Casey Kasprzyk sent out a tweet that had viewers questioning if this truly is the end for the beloved character.

“Filming 10 shows this week, and let’s just say it’s going to be very emotional for everyone. #BoldandBeautiful #EricForrester,” Kaspryzk wrote on X (formerly Twitter) alongside a picture of Eric’s portrait set on top of the fireplace in front of a floral arrangement.

Could this be a funeral scene? Is the show actually about to kill off a character who has been with the show since the very first episode on March 23, 1987? That seems to be what Kasprzyk is teasing.

So what will happen next and will Eric survive? Fans will just have to wait and see.

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