Could Sam & Jay Lose Woodstone? Rose McIver Teases ‘Ghosts’ Season 2 Finale

Utkarsh Ambudkar and Rose Mclver in 'Ghost'
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Woodstone B&B without its committed (and cute as a button) owners? More chilling things have happened on the premises — but in Ghosts‘ sophomore season-ender, Jay and Samantha Arondekar’s (Utkarsh Ambudkar and Rose McIver) future is threatened by the appearance of a relative Sam was unaware she had.

The couple welcome this cheery cousin, Kelsey Foster (Jessie Ennis), who then drops a bombshell. “There is a possibility Sam was not the true heir of the property and that [she and Jay] might be about to lose the house from underneath them,” McIver explains.

None of the ghosts are overjoyed at the prospect of a new owner, although one does muse whether Kelsey might spring for an upgraded cable TV package. But for Sam and Jay, “it’s terrifying,” McIver says.

“It’s not just a house to them. Woodstone is now Sam’s family and Jay’s family and everything that their purpose has been about for the last two years.” Of course, before they hand over the Upstate New York mansion and their livelihood, they need to explore the legitimacy of Kelsey’s claim. Enter Woodstone family lawyer Dan Herbst (P.J. Byrne). Let the DNA testing begin!

The episode also includes some spectral squabbling: Earnest American Revolutionary officer Isaac (Brandon Scott Jones) is informed he’ll receive half of Sam’s advance for the biography she’s writing on him — a windfall that forces him to examine his relationship with stodgy redcoat boyfriend Nigel (John Hartman).

“You’re watching somebody who’s been in love for the first time,” the actress says. “It’s a very beautiful and touching story between them. It’s scary to see that [union] at risk.”

Tensions also have been running high ever since fiery lounge singer Alberta (Danielle Pinnock) found out vital information about someone close to her in the May 4 episode that has left her feeling betrayed by haughty Woodstone ancestor Hetty (Rebecca Wisocky). How serious is the problem? “Ghost Court” is convened! Adds McIver: “All of these relationships that have come to mean so much to Sam and Jay are suddenly fragile.”

Amid these conundrums, the episode “builds to a great cliffhanger,” McIver teases, one that could bring huge changes. You’ll be dying for Season 3!

Ghosts, Season 2 Finale, Thursday, May 11, 8:30/7:30c, CBS

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