‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant’s Bagel Fail Divides America

Wheel of Fortune bagel clue

A Wheel of Fortune contestant divided viewers on Wednesday (March 1) night when she gave a wrong answer to a puzzle about bagels and cream cheese.

Angie, from Florida, was attempting to solve a puzzle that read, “WARM TOASTED BA_ELS WITH LO_ AND CREAM CHEESE,” but she clearly wasn’t familiar with “lox.”

“I’m gonna try to solve,” she said as only two missing letters remained. “Warm toasted bagels with low and cream cheese.”

The incorrect buzzer sounded, and host Pat Sajak told her she was wrong. This allowed fellow contestant Nina to swoop in and guess the letter “X” before solving the clue with the correct answer, “Warm toasted bagels with lox and cream cheese.”

“Yeah, that’s a much better estimate,” Sajak quipped.

Angie on Wheel of Fortune

Twitter/Wheel of Fortune

Lox, which is a fillet of brined salmon typically served on a bagel, is a popular food item on the East Coast of the U.S., especially in New York, and it shocked some viewers that Angie had never heard of it.

“Not “LOW & cream cheese”…….she did NOT JUST SAY THAT…I CAN’T,” wrote one viewer on Twitter, while another added, “She said “low” I’m not kidding. Oi vey….”

“Contestant thought this was “Warm Toasted Bagels with Low and Cream Cheese.” WTF. That doesn’t even make sense,” said another fan.

“With “LOW and cream cheese”…..This is a disgrace. Someone get us her @ so we can hook her up with some LOX and cream cheese,” tweeted the Long Island bakery Bagel Boss.

However, others understood Angie’s predicament, as they too weren’t familiar with the term.

“Learned what lox is today! #midwesterner #WheelOfFortune,” tweeted one viewer from the Mid West. While another fan wrote, “I ain’t gonna fault the lady for guessing “Low.” I have never heard of lox either.”

“Google about to get a whole lot of traffic searching what in the hell type of food “lox” is,” said another Twitter user.

Have you heard of lox? Sound off in the comments.

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