‘The Consultant’ Star Nat Wolff on Craig’s Freaky Finale Discovery & Season 2 Potential

Christoph Waltz and Nat Wolff in 'The Consultant'
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for The Consulant, Season 1.]

The Consultant really takes the boss from hell metaphor and turns it on its head as Christoph Waltz‘s Regus Patoff looms over a video game company in crisis following the shocking death of their leader Sang (Brian Yoon).

Among his underlings is programmer Craig (Nat Wolff) who is at first lured in by the promises Patoff delivers like developing his game for the company and bringing him to fancy parties. But as peculiarities make themselves known, Craig grows consumed with the need to uncover the truth behind this mystery man who one day walked into their office and assumed control.

Through his searching, Craig discovers that Patoff may not be entirely human (uncovering a golden skeleton theory that’s seemingly proven in the finale) and in turn, Patoff begins to covet the professional talents of Craig’s fiancee Patti (Aimee Carrero). By the end of the season, Craig confronts Patoff about his dark intentions and it is hinted that the consultant has a larger operation at play regarding various companies and their workforces. While much is left up for viewers to speculate on, Wolff opens up about where Craig’s Season 1 story ends, hopes for a potential second season, and his stance on Craig and Elaine’s (Brittany O’Grady) bond.

Nat Wolff in 'The Consultant' Season 1

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This show is really out there. How was it originally pitched to you?

Nat Wolff: Well I was reading the pilot and I was really interested and intrigued by the tone. That twist at the end of the pilot episode, I screamed in my apartment and I thought, “I have to be a part of this show.” So I started to just pursue it like a rabid dog. And then also to work with Christoph Waltz, who’s been a hero of mine for so long.

He’s so good at playing bad guys and the funny thing is you never really know if he is in this show.

Right? Totally. And there’s something so charismatic about him.

Craig goes on a religious journey in this series initially because of his fiancee. Considering the devilish role Regus Patoff has in his life, do you think the religious tone is a bit of a misdirect from the consultant’s synthetic nature?

Yeah, I think thematically, I know for Tony that religion it’s baked subtextually into the show. While we were shooting, we were receiving episodes as we were going, that was his style, and it was purposeful. And there was something about it that felt like getting a mystery box, a Christmas present. I find it really interesting the relationship between my fiancee Patti and Christoph’s character because he definitely has elements of the devil, and she’s this devout Catholic woman. So it really is interesting.

Brittany O'Grady and Nat Wolff in 'The Consultant'

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I know that when I was filming the show, I would have dreams about it every single night. And they were really wild devilish, freaky, crazy dreams. And then when I watched it, I started having the dreams again. But no, I’m not really sure [if it’s a misdirect]. I think that’s one of the great things about Tony’s writing. It’s like a David Lynch movie or something. You get a feeling from it, and you connect personally to it because it hits something deeper in you, but at the same time, you’re not exactly sure what it means.

What’s the exact moment for Craig when he realizes Regus Patoff is not a normal guy and that he should stay away from him?

I think that Craig starts off with a bit of a shaky moral compass, but he knows immediately that there is something deeply wrong with this guy. He knows it [when Patoff] shows up there, but as soon as [Patoff] gives [Craig’s] game the go-ahead, he flip-flops immediately. I think Craig comes into himself [as the season carries on]. It reminded me a lot about being in this business where your morality and your ethics are constantly tested. There’s such a pressure to succeed and a desperation to succeed that you end up folding on things that you should stand strong on. And actually working on the show is really good in terms of being able to stand still and be more true to your moral code.

Ultimately, Craig uncovers the truth about Patoff by excavating the bone from his severed toe, revealing a golden skeleton. Do you think he’ll continue to pursue Patoff and the mystery behind him or does he know better than to mess with the guy?

Yeah, I mean I have no idea where it will go but my feeling is that there’s no way Craig is gonna let this go at this point. He’s just in too deep. And then with the gold skeleton… I called Christoph as soon as I read that script and we both jumped up giddy on the phone, so excited about that reveal.

Have there been any discussions about a potential second season? It feels like there’s more story to tell…

I think it’s always been one of those shows that was meant to be able to continue but also to exist on its own, you know? So, you never know. But I think that all the actors would be really excited to come back because it was like a dream job where the writing and all of the performances were so good you know [with] really good people.

Elaine and Craig were so closely tied throughout the season. Are they leading separate paths now?

I think that despite both of their character flaws, I always felt that they were soulmates and that’s the reason that my relationship with Patti didn’t work out. That relationship was based in logic and they didn’t really see each other. Whereas even though Elaine and Craig make each other crazy, they really do see each other. And there’s a real spark between them. I think at the end of the season they’re still trauma bonded.

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