‘Wheel of Fortune’ Teen Contestant Kaden Steals the Show — Fans React to Adorable Player (VIDEO)

Wheel of Fortune - Kaden
Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune contestant Kaden Nye stole the show in the Wednesday, February 22 episode of the beloved game show. Fans on social media can’t get enough of the teen player who walked away victorious from the game. And it wasn’t just viewers Kaden won over. He was so endearing throughout the installment that Pat Sajak declared he’s going to be Kaden for Halloween.

Kaden is one of the handful of teenagers competing in Wheel of Fortune‘s “Teen Week.” A homeschooled eighth grader from Smyrna, Delaware, the kiddo delighted viewers as he excitedly spun the wheel and nailed the puzzles and tossups. Kaden beat Sajak to the Halloween idea, though — he told the host he dressed up as the longtime host for the spooky holiday when he was in sixth grade.

See Kaden’s Pat Sajak Halloween costume in the video montage from tonight’s episode below.

Outside of the game show, the middle schooler said he loves science and entertainment.

“I’m usually studying science, because science is really interesting to me. I’m a huge fan of science,” he told Sajak at the top of the half hour. In regards to his performance talents, Kaden drew delighted responses from the audience when he said, “I am triple threat, is what I like to call it.”

“And what would that be?” Sajak responded with a big smile. “Singing, dancing, and…”

“Coding,” Kaden replied, typing at an invisible keyboard while chanting, “Hack, hack, hack.”

The teen was living out a lifelong dream competing on the show, and he didn’t waste his moment. His animated reactions to just about every moment in the game were a big crowd pleaser, and he was a good sport to boot, rooting for his competitors throughout the episode and giving each a big hug before they left the stage.

Kaden didn’t win the final round in the end, but he went home with more than $19,000. No matter his monetary winnings, he won the hearts of viewers.

“OBSESSED with this kid Kaden on wheel of fortune tonight. He is so much fun!” one fan tweeted. “The energy of children. Wish I still had it!”

“Kaden on Wheel of Fortune is a freaking star!” wrote another. “Just has it!!!”

Check out more of the fan responses to Kaden on Wheel of Fortune below.



Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! each have teen stars this week. Jeopardy!‘s High School Reunion Tournament kicked off on Monday, February 20 and runs through March 9.

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