Crackle Sets ‘Snatch’ Premiere Date, Releases Trailer for Heist Series


Crackle‘s upcoming 10-episode series Snatch has a premiere date—March 16.

Snatch follows twenty-something-year-old hustlers who discover a truck filled with stolen gold bullions and are instantly propelled into the world of organized crime, where they are way out of their league. London’s underworld chases after them, while undercover hijinks and ruses ensue as an impossible heist is taken on.

From showrunner Alex De Rakoff, the series stars Harry Potter vet Rupert Grint (who is also an EP on the series), Luke Pasqualin, Dougray Scott and guest stars Ed Westwick (as bad boy Sonny, who is giving off major Chuck Bass/Gossip Girl vibes).

Fun fact: Snatch is loosely based on the 2000 British crime comedy of the same name, starring Jason Statham and Brad Pitt, among others, which was inspired by a real London heist.

As the key art below teases, “You in or you out?”

Check out the ‘Snatch’ trailer and key art below.


Snatch, Series Premiere, Thursday, March 16 on Crackle.