‘Gossip Girl’ Season 2 Stars Share Their Comfort Social Media Accounts (VIDEO)

Gossip Girl has always used social media to throw the lives of Manhattan’s teen Upper East Siders into a tizzy. We want to know what social media mediums the cast of Gossip Girl Season 2 loves most.

In the video above, part of TV Insider’s Just Asking! series, they dish on the go-to accounts they turn to when in need of a laugh, inspiration, and sometimes even history and psychology lessons.

Grace Duah (Shan Barnes) is holding out hope for Twitter, as that’s where her beloved K-Pop community flocks.

“My Twitter TL is just my BTS stan mutuals,” she says with a smile. “It’s a very safe space. They only really ever talk about K-Pop…with the occasional tea. I don’t feel overwhelmed when I go there.” A rarity for that site, indeed!

'Gossip Girl' Cast

Barbara Nitke/HBO Max

Evan Mock (Aki Menzies) loves the historical photographs recolored over on History in Pictures on Instagram. “I really like to see what it was like back then,” the actor/model shares.

Zión Moreno (Luna La) is on the “auteur” side of TikTok, where mental health professionals “talk about psychology in a really helpful way.” Ask anyone who’s often on the clock app what they get out of their scrolling, and many may say similar things. TikTok can be an unexpectedly informative place to learn about our noggins!

In a similar vein, Thomas Doherty (Max Wolfe) loves Dr. Nicole LePera’s insight over at The Holistic Psychologist on Instagram.

As for Whitney Peak (Zoya Lott), she loves herself a funny monkey. Any account that shows photoshopped monkeys wearing wigs or cowboy hats or smoking a cigarette are a win in her book. “Those make me laugh the most,” she shares.

Get more soothing social media recommendations from the Gossip Girl reboot cast in the full video, above.

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