‘Jack Ryan’ Stars Share Behind-the-Scenes Stories About Season 3 Stunts (VIDEO)

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan has returned and with it some epic action moments for its stars including leading man John Krasinski.

In a Just Asking segment for TV Insider, the cast reflects on their behind-the-scenes stunt moments from Season 3, teasing extreme sequences and what really went on between filming them. While some stunts are seemingly simple like driving, others include jumping into bodies of water under specific circumstances.

John Krasinski and Michael Kelly in 'Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan'

(Credit: Prime Video)

As is expected, Krasinski, who plays the titular character, recalls a moment that wasn’t technically planned. “I actually was thrown out of a black hawk helicopter over the ocean,” the actor exclaims. “And the stuntmen did a great job that morning. They filmed it about five or six times.” But the stunts weren’t enough to satisfy “one of the actual Navy Seals who we are lucky enough to have as a consultant on the show,” Krasinski remembers.

“As we were flying in the helicopter… [they] said, ‘I think it would be a lot cooler if you did it,'” Krasinski says, remembering the persuasiveness of the on-set consultant. “So me in the show falling out of that helicopter is me being thrown out of the helicopter by the Navy Seal,” the actor clarifies.

His costar Wendell Pierce enjoyed his action moment of the season. “I have a cool fight in an abandoned apartment in Moscow,” he says. “That was fun.” Meanwhile, less fun for Michael Kelly was his driving maneuvers on a cliffside, which he hints was a little nerve-wracking.

Additionally, Nina Hoss admits, “what was quite challenging was jumping into the Danube.” And while Betty Gabriel notes she didn’t have much action going on, the cold can be quite treacherous. See all of their fun answers in the video, above, and don’t miss Season 3 of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan on Prime Video.

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