Rachael Ray Shows Off Holiday Decorations Two Years After Her Home Burned Down (VIDEO)

Rachael Ray
Rachael Ray Show

Rachael Ray is getting in the holiday spirit, showing off her fabulously decorated New York abode two years after she and her husband John Cusimano’s home burned to the ground.

On Monday’s (December 19) episode of The Rachael Ray Show, the celebrity chef took viewers inside her home, where she unveiled her festive decor, including a Scandinavian sleigh, one of the only items that survived after her house caught fire in August 2020.

“So since we lost our home, this is going to be our second Christmas back,” Ray said in Monday’s episode. “We’re slowly rebuilding, guys, and we wanted to give you a little tour of what we did this year with the help of several elves and our dear friends, Peter and Susan, of Finishing Touches.”

Starting on the porch, Ray showed off the sleigh, which she said also doubles as a wedding sleigh. “Can you imagine how small the couple had to be? The size of this sleigh is like a cradle,” she quipped.

Inside the house, Ray pointed to their “friendship bench,” which she revealed was “another weird survivor of the fire… because it was against the wall, surprisingly, it survived.”

Ray went on to show viewers the rebuilt dining and living rooms, which were once large, empty spaces after the fire. A fireplace is adorned with colored glass bulbs, a prominent owl statue perches in the living room, and several benches are made from “some of the wood from our destroyed home,” she explained. The house also features a motorized raccoon named Stanley.

The Daytime Emmy winner also showed fans the “little house,” which used to be the family’s guest house, where she and her husband lived for over two years while the home was being rebuilt.

Ray ended the tour at the back porch, which she said has become the family’s favorite place to spend Christmas following COVID-19 and the home fire. “This is where we could sit at a distance and have little space heaters on all during the pandemic. So for the last three years, really, this has become our tradition,” she stated.

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