’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’: Usman’s Brother Reacts to Adoption Plan (RECAP)

Mohammed and Zainab on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 7 Episode 16.]

Missed the latest episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Let’s get you up to speed with all the drama that happened between your favorite couples this week.

Kimberly and Usman

Usman didn’t tell Kimberly that his brother Mohammed has no idea he’s about to ask if they can adopt his son Mahadi. Kimberly is irritated and doesn’t want to talk, so Usman goes outside to the hotel pool to talk to her son Jamal.

Jamal has also noticed that Usman has a pattern of leaving key details like this out of what he tells Kimberly. He wants Usman to know that he’ll be around to have his mom’s back if he feels like Usman is messing up.

“Sometimes, I think Jamal gets too much into his mom’s business, and it is too much for me,” Usman says in a sit-down.

The next day, Kimberly, Jamal and Usman meet up with Mohammed and his wife Zainab to ask if they can adopt Mahadi. Zainab and Mohammed, who has Mahadi on his lap, are taken aback. Zainab says that she would honestly have to think about it, and Mohammed says that he wouldn’t want Mahadi to go anywhere without “Islamic orientation.”

“Would you want my mom to convert to Muslim?” Jamal asks, and they affirm.

“This is why I said you need to talk to them before I got here,” Kimberly fires at Usman. She’s not converting, and, “to surprise them with this is just not cool to me.”

Later, Jamal takes a walk with Kimberly and she says she needs to talk to Mohammed and Zainab again before making a final decision on the adoption. Jamal shares with producers that he thinks his mom and Usman are on two totally different wavelengths and she will regret it if they adopt Mahadi.

Jamal cautions her, “I just see red flags every time y’all talk about this, honestly.”

Big Ed and Liz

Liz and Big Ed on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?


It’s been a few days since Liz and Big Ed agreed that they were going to leave San Diego and move to Palm Springs, and now Liz doesn’t want to move. She’s gone back to work full-time as a manager of the restaurant where she’s worked for years, and the chef/owner has offered her a partnership. Liz knows that she told Big Ed that she wanted to leave the city, but she explains that this opportunity will help her establish a more financially stable life, which could be important to show a court when she fights for custody of her daughter Riley. But Big Ed doesn’t like the sound of it.

“It does sorta feel like she’s choosing her career over us,” he laments in a solo interview. “It’s very selfish. So I’m disappointed.”

“I don’t want you working 80 hours a week, that’s what a partner does,” he says to Liz. “It’s a very big commitment. And I want a wife.”

“Sounds like a breakup, the way that you’re making me feel,” Liz says.

“I’m just being realistic,” he says.

Jovi and Yara

The couple continue to fight over Yara wanting to stay in Europe for a while longer to see and help her friends and family who have escaped war in Ukraine. Even though Jovi will be away from home for a month for work, he’s still demanding that his wife to go back to the States with him.

“How come you just hear yourself?” her friend Karina asks him. “You’re being selfish!”

Yara says that she’s been miserable for two and a half years and just wants to be happy for a little bit. Jovi wants to know how he can feel confident that she’ll ever come back. He’s convinced that Karina and her mom have influenced her to stay. She wonders when she broke his trust for him to be acting like this.

“If he will keep acting so controlling, I don’t know,” she admits to producers. “Maybe I might stay.”

Angela and Michael

Angela on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?


The couple meet up with Michael’s friends Peter and Ade, whom Angela calls “the goofballs.” Ade wants to know why Michael isn’t on Instagram anymore and tells him that he’s not sure that Angela is his best option. Angela starts yelling, and Ade tells her to calm down, which just angers her even more. She asks Michael to intervene before she knocks Ade out. Michael defuses the argument and they leave.

“I don’t think Michael is happy because he loves being on Instagram,” Ade says in an interview.

Angela is happy that Michael stood up for her and thinks it could signal a clean slate to come. “It gives me hope that maybe we’re gonna make it,” she tells the producers.

The next day, after a sweet goodbye between Angela and Michael at the airport, Michael grins to the camera: “I’m back to my single — I mean, I’m back to my single married life again.”

Jenny and Sumit

Sumit is shocked and scared after Jenny told his father Anil, brother Amit, and sister-in-law Three that they’re planning on going to America, where they’ll both be welcomed by her family and accepted in general. They haven’t actually talked about doing this, and he has no interest — he is sure he’ll lose everyone in his life if he moves. Sumit also still hasn’t told Jenny about his plan to adopt a kid to get his parents back.

Anil assures Sumit that this won’t change their mindset and the couple can leave. He tells producers that he and his wife think this relationship will be over in a year or two. “Let them go, he’ll come back,” Anil says.

Anil tells Sumit that they want him to separate from Jenny: “You think you have the best right now, but I hope you can find someone better.”

The next day, Sumit and Jenny take Christina and her wife Jen to an old palace as the last outing on their visit to India before they go back to California. Christina makes one more plea for her mother and Sumit to come to the States, reasoning that it’s been one-sided long enough after being together for 10 years. Sumit counters that he is afraid he won’t be able to adjust, and Christina tells him he can’t be afraid of everything all the time.

The lawyer Jenny consulted advised her that it could be a two-year process to get Sumit a visa, so they should start now. Sumit shares with producers that he’s upset that she talked to the lawyer behind his back.

Sumit blurts out that he wants to adopt by the time he is 35 in two years and he wants the kid to live in India. Jenny shakes her head. “If you wanted to have kids, why did you marry me?”

“If this is what Sumit wants his future to look like, I don’t want to be part of it,” she says in her interview.

Elizabeth and Andrei

Libby, Andrei, and Ellie have a playdate with Grandpa Chuck. Ellie hopes that her pregnant mom is going to have another girl. The mood is still heavy, but Chuck has some fun news: He’s met someone online, a fellow cancer survivor who has agreed to meet him for dinner. It will be his first date in about 10 years. Andrei suggests a double date over hibachi.

Separately, Libby’s brother Charlie and his wife Megan imagine how the upcoming family therapy session will go down. Charlie says he’ll defend himself if Andrei tries to fight him, and Megan gets an idea: “You should let him hit you. I will call the cops and get his ass deported.”

Later, Libby, Andrei, and Chuck are waiting for his date in the restaurant, but she texts that she just tested positive for COVID-19. He wonders if he’s being ghosted but is proud that he took the step back into dating.

They, too, bring up the upcoming therapy appointment, and Chuck promises to look each of his kids in the eye to ask if they have anything to do with Andrei’s immigration problems. “If somebody has the balls to say that they reported me, I don’t know if I have the power to restrain myself,” Andrei admits.

Next Time

Bilal and Shaeeda are on the Brooklyn Bridge when he asks, “Why do I feel like I’m about to get dumped?”

Yara admits that it’s been a hard trip to Europe: “We’ve been fighting so much and I am worried that we will drift apart.”

Angela is back home in Georgia, crying over Michael in her backyard: “I don’t want to believe it, but there’s no way to defend him.”

Andrei says to the family therapist that he was told that someone might have reported him to immigration officials, and Libby’s sister Becky wants receipts. “Do you have proof of that?” she asks. “I think you could be making that up!”

Liz and Big Ed fight in cafe, and she pushes past cameras to hide in the restroom. “I don’t deserve the drama anymore,” she says in a later interview.

“We don’t even have sex!” Kimberly shouts at Usman as they fight in the hotel room. “I’m done here!” she puts her ring on the table and slams the door.

Is it really the end for Queen Kimberly and Sojaboy? Is Bilal actually getting dumped? We’ll be searching for answers to these questions and much more on the next episode.

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