‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’ Introduces Haley Joel Osment as Number Two’s Brother (VIDEO)

Haley Joel Osment in 'Mysterious Benedict Society'
Disney/Tina Thorpe

The Mysterious Benedict Society is unveiling some new characters as Haley Joel Osment joins the show for its Season 2 finale episode dropping December 7.

After escaping Dr. Curtain’s (Tony Hale) compound, the Society retreats to Number Two’s (Kristen Schaal) family home in Luxembourg, where she reconnects with her mother and siblings. Among those siblings is Osment’s One Two, a relentlessly cheery young man who is loyal to his family and the favored sibling to an absurd degree.

Haley Joel Osment, Harriet Sansom Harris, Kristen Schaal, and Christina Kirk in 'Mysterious Benedict Society'

(Credit: Disney/Tina Thorpe)

Meanwhile, Harriet Sansom Harris plays Number Two’s mother and Christina Kirk portrays her sister.  Viewers get a peek at the family dynamic in the clip, above, as Number Two asks them for help. “You have absconded with a mastermind?” Number Two’s mother asks. “An evil mastermind, yes,” Number Two confirms. What ensues is some good family bickering between One and Number Two as well as the Society.

Haley Joel Osment, Harriet Sansom Harris, and Christina Kirk in 'Mysterious Benedict Society'

(Credit: Disney/Tina Thorpe)

While the kids scramble to rebuild the Worldview Wash, they’re interrupted by news of a group of Greys in the village nearby they are out of time! The Society quickly comes up with defensive measures while Mr. Benedict (also Hale) and Dr. Curtain hash things out once and for all. After a final confrontation, The Society comes together to help one of their own.

Don’t miss the thrilling conclusion, catch The Mysterious Benedict Society‘s season finale when it arrives on Disney+. And get a sneak peek at the action with the exclusive clip and photos, above.

The Mysterious Benedict Society, Season 2 Finale, Wednesday, December 7, Disney+