‘The Equalizer’: Sneak Peek at Kelly Rowland’s Guest Spot (VIDEO)

A superstar singer is in trouble in the November 27 episode of The Equalizer, and who better to step into that role than someone who is one? Grammy winner, actor, and entrepreneur Kelly Rowland guest stars in “Paradise Lost,” and TV Insider has an exclusive sneak peek of her with Queen Latifah’s Robyn McCall.

Robyn comes in after Misty, who has decided to retire, receives a threatening fan letter, leading to her head of security to hire her to track down the culprit. But is Misty really going to retire? “It’s time to get back to me,” the singer explains. Who is that, Robyn wants to know, “because all we know you by is all of your accomplishments, which are very impressive.”

Misty appreciates that, but she notes it wasn’t easy to get where she is. “Climbing to the mountaintop took a toll and being a female in this industry is no joke. I’ve been ripped off by promoters, executives, business managers, my friends have ratted me out to paparazzi,” she explains. Because of that, does she trust anyone?

Watch the clip above for more from Misty about what her career has meant for her life and those in it.

Robyn encountering someone who’s questioning what’s in her future comes as she’s seeing how the work she does affects everyone around her and that’s weighing on her.

“That’s gonna resonate throughout the season,” co-showrunner Joseph C. Wilson said after the premiere. “Can she keep this promise of keeping them safe and can she continue the duality of being the Equalizer and being a mom and a family member? These are constant problems.”

While the season won’t necessarily end with her deciding to give up what she does, “it’s going to be an issue for her to continue doing what she’s doing while trying to keep everyone safe,” he continued. “It’s gonna get to her.”

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