‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Eliza Takes a Leap of Faith as She Heads to Justin in Baltimore (VIDEO)

Eliza Isichei shocked everyone left in Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 Episode 12 when she told Rodney Matthews, who she’s been dating for most of this season, that she made a mistake she now aims to correct. The breakup prompted Eliza to leave the beach as well as the heartbroken Rodney. And in this TV Insider exclusive clip, the islanders are still reeling from the departures, but Eliza is far away from paradise. In the clip from Monday’s upcoming episode, Eliza arrives in Baltimore to tell Justin Glaze that she should have chosen him.

In Episode 12, Rodney worried as Eliza grew closer to Justin. He fought to keep her affection before the rose ceremony. “I’m not ready for a life without you,” he told her, saying he saw her as a “potential wife.”

“I’mma do whatever I can to fight and claw my way out and make sure we’re happy on the other end,” Rodney added. “I promise you.” As Eliza replied, “That’s all I needed to hear.” Justin later professed his commitment to their growing connection, and they kissed. At the rose ceremony, Eliza chose Rodney, sending Justin home. But the next morning, she regretted her decision.

Eliza Isichei and Rodney Matthews in 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 8 Episode 12

“Eliza told Rodney that she made a mistake, and they both left paradise. And we are all crushed,” Serene Russell tells the cameras of this “somber day.” As Andrew Spencer adds, “We are here to find love and when it doesn’t work, we hurt.”

The camera cuts to Baltimore, where Eliza nervously walks down Justin’s street. She admits she’s never taken a leap like this before, but the fact that she’s emboldened to do it strengthens her resolve.

“He’s not expecting me, but I think it confirms to me that my feelings are real and he’s really important to me, ’cause I wouldn’t do this for just anyone,” she tells the cameras. “I’m trusting in that feeling that I had when we were together on the beach.”

She was the last person Justin expected to see when he opened his door. The clips ends with his shocked reaction, the most he can muster being a puzzled “What?

Will her leap of faith pay off? Find out in Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 Episode 13, airing Monday, November 14 on ABC.

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