‘Married at First Sight’: The Girls Get Real About Bond in Reunion First Look (VIDEO)

When it comes to Married at First Sight, the unions aren’t always a guarantee, but Season 15’s ladies are proving their bond is unbreakable in a first look clip for Part 2 of San Diego’s reunion.

Hosted by Kevin Frazier, the highly-anticipated episode is taking time out for the women of the past season as they open up about their experience in the video, above. One topic the host wants to cover is Morgan’s failed marriage and the role Alexis played in that. Asking about Morgan’s tie to the group despite her premature divorce, Morgan says, “it was hard not seeing the ladies, but we still kept up with the group chat.”

'Married at First Sight's Alexis and Krysten in Season 15

(Credit: Lifetime)

Despite having her journey on the show cut short through a decision to break up with match Binh, Morgan continues to reassure that the women, “were keeping me in the loop, so it’s like I kind of never left.” As viewers will recall, Morgan couldn’t get past Binh’s incessant conversations with Justin about their marriage behind her back.

The breaking down of trust was due in part to her knowledge of the conversations between the men and Binh’s willingness to fib about it. Morgan was made aware of Binh and Justin’s conversations because of Alexis who overheard the men talking. But Alexis has some clearing up to do in the reunion where she says, “Morgan actually came to me, it wasn’t that I just ran and told Morgan.”

“We were just having a powwow session, and she was just pouring her heart out, and I just saw the pain in her eyes, and I had the answers to — in a sense — give her what she needed,” Alexis further explains. She wants to make sure viewers know she wasn’t intentionally stirring up drama.

As to whether she felt guilt over Binh and Morgan’s marriage ending, Alexis admits, “it was extremely hard. At times I found myself blaming myself, but in the end, I found out it was just a truth, and if a truth sets someone free, that’s what it is… it was just me supporting my friend.” Does Morgan see it that way? Find out in the clip above, which features the other women of Season 15 discussing their friendship and more.

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