‘Jeopardy!’ Behind the Scenes Photos Shared by TOC Contestant

Zach Newkirk Twitter

Jeopardy! fans got a rare look at the behind-the-scenes goings-on of the long-running game show on Monday, when contestant Zach Newkirk shared some interesting on-set photos on social media.

Newkirk, a six-time Jeopardy! champion, who is one of the 21 former winners competing on the currently airing Tournament of Champions, posted the images on Twitter.

“With an epic Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions starting TODAY, I thought I’d share some behind-the-scenes photos,” he tweeted.


His photos included a shot from behind the cameras as super-champ Mattea Roach competed on stage, as well as images from behind the champion’s and contestant’s podiums, the famous buzzer, the screen where players write their Final Jeopardy answers, and host Ken Jennings giving the returning champions a pep talk before the taping.

Newkirk also revealed some behind-the-scenes secrets, like the “magical risers” used behind the podiums “that make contestants appear roughly the same height.” He added, “The staff remind us regularly to watch our step; there have probably been a few tumbles over the years.”

Fans were super excited over the photos, many thanking Newkirk for sharing them. “This is incredible- thank you for sharing,” wrote one Twitter user. “I sat in on a taping in January 2020 with Alex, but of course we were in the audience and didn’t get to see these sacred ceremonial items up-close.”

“Thank you for the pics! I’ve always wondered what the contestant view was like!” said one fan, while another added, “This is cool! I didn’t know they have the players scores elevated to the left of the video board. I was wondering how they knew what to wager for daily doubles, etc.”

Newkirk’s first-round game will air on Monday, November 7, where the attorney from Alexandria, Virginia, will face off against Jessica Stephens (who won the second of two special Second Chance spots) and Sam Buttrey (who won the Professor’s Tournament).

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