‘Jeopardy!’: Will Andrew Get Revenge on Amy Schneider?

Amy Schneider and Andrew He

UPDATE: After the ToC quarterfinals were completed Andrew He was drawn to compete in a separate semifinal from Amy Schneider, and not in the same semifinal as stated in this story.

An epic showdown is set for the semi-finals of Jeopardy‘s currently airing Tournament of Champions as Andrew He is set to take on super-champ Amy Schneider in the next round.

The software developer from San Francisco, California, snatched a narrow victory on Tuesday’s (November 1) episode, where he faced off against Jonathan Fisher, an actor from Coral Gables, Florida, and Christine Whelchel, a graduate student from Spring Hill, Tennessee.

It was looking bleak for He going into Final Jeopardy, as he trailed behind with $13,800 compared to Fisher’s $19,800, while Whelchel was in last place with $2,200. None of the three answered the final clue correctly, meaning it all came down to how much each contestant wagered.

Luckily for He, he only wagered $1,799, giving him a finishing total of $12,001, whereas Fisher wagered a bigger $7,801, leaving him on a total of $11,999. This meant He won by just a $2 margin, which left him visibly stunned as he told his fellow competitors, “good game.”

“Now this is what I expected from a Tournament of Champions game!” a user commented on the Jeopardy! Reddit forum, while another added, “That was one of the most exhilarating games I’ve ever seen on Jeopardy! and as a huge Andrew He fan, my heart was racing the entire time.”

The “come from behind quarter-finalist,” as host Ken Jennings dubbed him, will now move on to the semi-finals, where he will take on Maureen O’Neil (who won Monday’s game) and super-champ Schneider. This will give He a chance at revenge on Schneider, who took away his champions crown last November at the start of her historic run.

Even though He will be looking to take down the woman who ended his five-game winning run, he is clearly a big fan of all Schneider achieved on the show. Commenting after his defeat last year, He tweeted, “What a magical week. Big congratulations to @Jeopardamy, who was simply the better player today. I’m proud to have shared the stage with her and Max, and to be able to say I truly gave it my all out there.”

Can He or O’Neil pull off a shock and beat Schneider? Let us know in the comment section below.

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