‘Jeopardy!’ Fave Cindy Zhang Returns with Head-Turning Outfit & Perfect Handwriting

Cindy Zhang on Jeopardy!

Jeopardy! kicked off its Second Chance tournament on Monday, October 17, and fans were excited to see the return of Cindy Zhang, who previously turned heads with her killer fashion sense and impeccable handwriting.

If you remember back to last November, viewers praised Zhang for her style, with one fan describing her outfit as “the best fit I’ve seen on #Jeopardy, maybe ever.” Well, the user experience designer from New York stole the show again on Monday, wearing a black top adorned with what looked like hand-stitched red roses.

“Cindy I see the outfit and I see the signature. You got me girl,” tweeted one viewer during Monday’s episode. “Cindy looks pretty tonight!” added another fan, while one Twitter user wrote, “Every [time] they show Cindy my daughter says ‘Momma look at her with all the flowers its so pretty.'”

But it wasn’t just Zhang’s dress sense receiving attention; it was also her impressive signature. “Ooh, is there a best handwriting award for this tournament? I think Cindy wins that, too,” tweeted former Jeopardy! contestant Lindsay “Ashley” Wilcox.

Another fan felt the same, writing, “So Cindy’s signature wins, right?”

Even host Ken Jennings had to take a moment to praise Zhang’s handwriting skills. “Look at that calligraphy; you rehearsed that, didn’t you?” Jennings asked before adding, “You were our very first winner in our Jeopardy! Honors Ceremony for Best Signature.”

Despite all the praise, the night didn’t end on the best terms for Zhang, who failed to move on in the tournament. Up against history instructor Aaron Gulyas and statistical research scientist Jessica Stephens, Zhang got the Final Jeopardy clue wrong. Stephens and Gulyas both answered correctly, with Stephens ultimately winning the game with $20,100.

Correction: A previous version of this article said that Zhang risked all her winnings on the Final Jeopardy; she actually risked $0 and didn’t lose any money.

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