Eddie Kingston on Being Proud of His Roots & AEW ‘Dynamite’ Entering Fourth Year

Eddie Kingston in AEW Rampage

Eddie Kingston isn’t one to pull any punches. That innate fighting spirit may come as no surprise considering the All Elite Wrestling performer comes from an Irish dad and Puerto Rican mom. 

The proud “mutt” presents an authenticity that has resonated with audiences from all walks of life. It’s a connection built over more than 20 years through blood, sweat, and tears. The New Yorker may not have the typical pro wrestler build, but sheer will and perseverance brought him success.

Kingston’s first AEW match came in July 2020 and could have easily been a one-off, but his impression was undeniable. So much head Tony Khan couldn’t ignore, enough to offer him a contract. As Dynamite enters its fourth year, Kingston opens up about the importance of representation and the milestones achieved. 

What does it mean to you to represent your culture and heritage on AEW television?

Eddie Kingston: That’s the whole point at the end of the day. We are supposed to inspire people. We’re in a position to help people. That’s what I like doing. I always make sure to tell people I’m a mutt because I grew up in a time when it wasn’t cool to be a mutt.

Who were your inspirations growing up or even as your career got started?

I didn’t really get to meet a lot of Hispanic wrestlers that I grew up with. One that pops up in my head though is Carlito, who is one of the most athletic guys I’ve seen in the ring and one of the most charismatic too. When he had his run and to see what he did while doing some independents — guys like that show us that we can do whatever we really want. 

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You had such a good run before AEW with LAX (Latin American Xchange). You got to reunite with them a bit later on, but what do you remember about that time?

The rivalry with them was great because you had six Hispanics, well five-and-a-half if you count me. You had all of us out there. I would like to say they were good matches. We went out there and represented ourselves. We represented New York, and of course, our Hispanic heritage. Having Konnan there, you were forced to show out. You don’t want to embarrass that man, who has represented the Hispanic community for years and brought over some of the most famous luchadors in the world. 

As Dynamite is entering its fourth year, what are you most proud of?

The most fun I’ve had was teaming up with Jon Moxley. I think that came off when people saw our interviews and saw us together. Beating people up with Mox was fun. Teaming up with Santana and Ortiz was also good. I remember the day they signed with AEW. They were at an independent show with me and told me. I hugged them and was so proud. I remember Santana saying, “One day all three of us.” I told them don’t worry about that and to just do great. They did. Then when we were able to be together [in AEW] it became we set out a goal and did it. That is a proud moment. 

How do you feel you’ve grown and evolved within AEW?

I make missteps every time I’m there, to be honest with you. I’m still learning that this is a different world. It’s still professional wrestling, but the backstage stuff, which I don’t like to tweet about or talk about — you got to get used to it. It’s a different world compared to the independents. The independents are very outlaw. We don’t have HR there. We police ourselves. I learn every day. That’s where I have grown. I’m able to now be open and learn. There are different ways of doing things that can help the locker room and also keep my mental sanity. I don’t want to be angry. I want to save all that anger and energy for my opponent or what I’m doing that night. 

What are your thoughts on Jon Moxley taking a more leadership role and extending his deal another five years?

Good, he has five more years of dealing with me. I hope he does it big with this expanded role. But he can’t come up to me in a suit and tie with a piece of paper telling me what to do. I’d be like, “My man, it’s like Jay-Z trying to tell DMX what to do. That’s why they had their falling out.” A little bit of kidding aside, I’m proud of everything he does. I’ll always be proud of him. I got his back even if I don’t agree sometimes. That’s how I see my friendship with him. I just hope his expanded role backstage doesn’t take away the focus of the world championship. That’s the most important thing outside of his family. Hopefully, all this backstage stuff doesn’t distract him from that. It’s my only concern, but either way, I got his back, which may force me to do things I don’t want to do.

AEW is making its big debut in Canada this week. How does that feel? Are you a big Tim Hortons fan?

Let’s go! I’m excited. I love Canada. I used to love the Oreo cookie thing they have. Of course, I’m a fat kid. What do you want from me? 

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What is next for you? Do you have unfinished business with Sammy Guevara?

To me, the Sammy thing is done. They said he won; whatever. I stretched him out and hit him a couple of times with a back fist. I’m satisfied. That’s why when they wanted to make me say I’m sorry, I rolled my eyes. They aren’t going to tell me what to do in terms of apologizing, especially when I don’t feel wrong in my actions. I feel like I have to put my world title aspirations on pause for a few reasons. One, I don’t want to fight Moxley. We did that dance already. I would rather watch his back. Second, there are a bunch of pigs in our locker room. When I say pigs, I mean disgusting human beings. And since nobody is doing anything about it, I am. When they are telling me to apologize, no. I’m going to do things my way now. I did things their way for at least two or three years. People can cheer or boo. That’s on them. I can’t control them. I can only control myself. I want to lose control. 

Is anyone at the top of the list?

There is no list. If you’re a bad human being, if you’re a disgusting person in that locker room — and this is the most I’ll say without tweeting or talking any backstage stuff — you guys know who you are. I’m attacking you. Watch your backs. 

On a brighter note, how big of a Halloween person are you?

I’m not a Halloween person at all. I lost two girlfriends back in the day. They were all into the witches and ghouls. I’ll just give kids candy. That’s cool. That’s the best part of the whole thing. Give kids the candy and candy they don’t eat is yours for days. Again, I’m a bit of a fat kid. That’s what I look forward to.

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