Ken Jennings Reveals What He Misses Most About OG ‘Jeopardy’ (VIDEO)

Ken Jennings

With all the recent Jeopardy! talk regarding format changes and new rules, host Ken Jennings is hoping the show brings back some specific elements from the show’s vintage era.

While hosting a Q&A session with the studio audience ahead of Tuesday’s (October 4) episode, Jennings was asked what he would change about the show. “I mean, the thing about Jeopardy! is that in Season 39, it’s pretty well perfect, you know?” he responded. However, he did reveal a couple of things that he misses.

“You know what I miss is, now entering the studio. I know we don’t have time anymore, but I loved seeing the contestants march in. You know?” he said, referencing how long-time Jeopardy! announcer Johnny Gilbert used to begin the show by saying, “This is Jeopardy! Now entering the studio are today’s contestants.”

The former Jeopardy! champion was also feeling nostalgic about the old-school sound effects. “I also like the beep-boop-boop-boop-boop when they do the board,” he continued. “But those are just things lost to the constraints of time, I think.”

Jennings then turned his attention to the show’s long-time producer (and former contestant), Rocky Schmidt, who was sitting off-camera. “Do you miss the beep-boop-boop, or did you never like it?” Jennings asked. “It’s just… it cost us 5 seconds each round,” Schmidt replied, confirming what Jennings suspected, “Yeah, it’s timing.”

Many fans shared similar sentiments to Jennings, especially after the host took to Twitter and tweeted, “Beep-boop-boop hive rise up.”

“As host, you have the power to tell the studio audience to make the old sound effect when the board goes in motion,” replied one viewer, who referenced Bob Barker doing something similar on an old episode of The Price is Right.

“I miss the few seasons in the late ’80s/early ’90s when the contestants marched out to the rising-chord intro, and it was timed just right so that the main theme would begin at the words “our returning champion.”,” added another commenter.

However, one fan noted that part of the reason for removing the march out was for disability accommodation reasons. “But I remain on Team Bring Back Beep-Boop-Boop for life,” they added.

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