‘Big Sky: Deadly Trails’ Lyle Lovett & Darius Rucker as Guest Stars

David Becker/Getty Gravitas Ventures / Everett

Country music royalty is headed to Big Sky: Deadly Trails. Singers Darius Rucker and Lyle Lovett will guest star in an upcoming episode of the ABC series, which also features Reba McEntire.

Rucker will portray a character named Possum, who, according to the release is “a hired gun who works at night like his nocturnal namesake.” Lovett is set to play Tex, a seemingly well-mannered cowboy and tracking specialist with a hidden menacing side and partner to Possum.

Lovett recently guest starred as a ranger on Blue Bloods and has appeared in movies like Short Cuts and Bastard Out Of Carolina. Rucker has appeared on reality shows The Voice and Rucker’s Reno about his renovation of a historic mansion in Charleston.


“Welcome to Montana, a place where the horizon never ends, full of friendly folk just trying to do right. but in the untamed wilderness, you never know what’s going to be coming around the bend,” McEntire said in a previous teaser. “One thing’s for certain, once you set foot in this place in this place, you may never want to go home again — and you might not.”

This season of Big Sky: Deadly Trails has Sunny (portrayed by McEntire) leading a local Sunny Day Excursions backcountry trip that goes amiss and Jenny (Katheryn Winnick), Cassie (Kylie Bunbury), and Beau (Jensen Ackles) face their most daunting mystery yet — in which a backpacker disappears or is made to disappear. The addition of Possum and Tex will make this exciting mystery all the more exciting, and what would make that even more exciting is if they broke into song for some reason, but if we can’t have that we’ll at least be able to find out exactly what happened to that missing backpacker.

Big Sky: Deadly Trails, Wednesdays, 10/9c, ABC