‘Married at First Sight’: 5 Key Moments From ‘No Hug for You’ (RECAP)

Alexis and Justin in 'Married at First Sight' Season 15
Spoiler Alert
Mallory Kessel

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight Season 15, Episode 14, “No Hug for You.”]

Married at First Sight‘s Season 15 couples are getting closer and closer to Decision Day and the pressure is on as they head out on a group retreat in the latest episode, “No Hug for You.”

As some couples experience an upswing in their progress, others are hitting a wall and struggling to connect as differences of opinion take root. Can they overcome the obstacles? We break down all of the key moments and details from the latest episode, so beware of spoilers ahead.

Kicking Things Off

Mitch and Krysten in 'Married at First Sight' Season 15

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As the couples pack up their bags and hit the road for the retreat, Miguel reveals to Lindy his plans to throw a prom, since she never got to attend one and they want her to experience it. Lindy is especially excited when Miguel shows her a sparkly gown selected just for her. Meanwhile, Stacia and Nate have plans of their own as they pack some interesting sex toys to accompany their weekend fun.

Mitch and Krysten have a breakthrough on their car ride up as she apologizes for snapping at him in front of the group, and he admits he could have handled the situation differently regarding his thoughts on her looks. Mitch makes it clear to his wife that he thinks she’s beautiful and she appreciates the kind words. Once all of the couples — sans Morgan and Binh — arrive, the party gets started as they prepare for prom.

Prom Gone Wrong

Lindy in 'Married at First Sight' Season 15

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Just as things are about to kick off in the yard, Lindy and Miguel have a fight when she asks him to take a “nice” picture of her instead of a selfie. Frustrated, he makes it clear he doesn’t want to be a personal photographer and gets annoyed when she becomes insistent and pushy about it. Lindy claims she was kidding and asks for them to let it go and enjoy the night. And while they seem to make it through a good portion okay, Miguel tells Lindy that he is frustrated by how quickly she can get worked up over something and wants her to be honest if she’s upset about something instead of claiming he was kidding.

They agree to disagree, chalking it up to miscommunication as the celebration proceeds into the night’s next activity: superlative reveals. Among the titles handed out were Alexis as Life of the Party, Nate as Best Dressed, Lindy as Drama Queen, Justin as Most Emotional, Mitch as Most Likely to Save the Planet, Stacia as Best All Around, Alexis as Biggest Gossip, and Miguel and Lindy as Most Likely to Stay Together.

Things turn a little tense when the topic of Most Likely to Get Divorced comes up and Krysten claims it for herself, confusing Mitch and the others in the process. Diverting from the awkwardness, Miguel and Lindy are declared Prom King and Queen before sharing a dance. The fun continues into the night as Stacia and Nate disrupt Miguel and Lindy in their room to set up a sex swing, getting some laughs from the pair before leaving them alone.

Day Dates

Alexis and Justin in 'Married at First Sight' Season 15

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The next day, the couples go on dates, with Justin and Alexis opting for a winery. During the excursion, the pair talk about their newfound intimacy after consummating the relationship and how it’s brought them closer together, but he’s still worried she’ll end up quitting the marriage. Krysten and Mitch go on an archery date, shooting at words and ideas from their relationship that they’d like to leave behind, moving their marriage in a positive direction.

Lindy and Miguel go on a carriage ride together, and things take a negative turn when he tries reading her poems but she gets distracted by the animals on the farm that they’re traveling through. When Miguel tells her he feels ignored, Lindy gets upset and feels like he’s nitpicking her personality. Apologizing for making her cry, Miguel says he sees this as a blow-up, and she is concerned because it’s far from a blow-up.

Catching Up

Alexis and Krysten in 'Married at First Sight' Season 15

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At the house, most of the participants hang out and chat with the men commenting on their concerns about Miguel and Lindy being late to return. Meanwhile, Alexis gets candid with the other ladies about her feelings toward Justin, saying that he wasn’t the best in bed, but that doesn’t seem to be a dealbreaker. When Lindy and Miguel do return, things are a little tense as everyone gets ready for dinner.

Before heading down to meet the other couples, Lindy asks the producers to take her picture and can tell Miguel is annoyed, so when he voices his frustration, she feels like she can’t do anything right. She tells him that she wasn’t trying to offend him, but wasn’t sure if he was up for taking her picture and opted to ask someone else. She says she feels like she’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t when it comes to Miguel. The tiff keeps Miguel and Lindy from going to dinner where Stacia and Nate make a little scene when she puts on vibrating underpants.

Once Miguel and Lindy do join the others, he apologizes for his poor mood, admitting that he hasn’t been his best self this trip. In order to lighten the mood, Krysten comes out dressed as Mitch, even wearing a bald cap, doing her best impression. The result make everyone laugh and even receives Mitch’s approval.


Mitch and Lindy in 'Married at First Sight' Season 15

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The retreat ends with a group dodgeball game with the couples playing against one another. Mitch kicks things off with a motivational speech before the Red Team (Nate, Mitch, Lindy, and Alexis) takes on the Blue Team (Miguel, Stacia, Justin, and Krysten). Things get competitive as the game carries on and Miguel’s sore loser side comes out, asking for Lindy’s support despite being on another team. The exchange leads to heated moments as the teams talk separately, and Miguel and Lindy air their feelings. Miguel tells his team he’s frustrated about who he’s becoming in this relationship. And Lindy is scared of rejection. Can the pair heal things before Decision Day? Stay tuned to find out as Married at First Sight returns next week on Lifetime.

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