‘Married at First Sight’: 4 Key Moments From ‘The Ugly Truth’ (RECAP)

Married at First Sight Season 15 Stacia and Nate
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight Season 15 Episode 13, “The Ugly Truth.”]

Married at First Sight‘s Season 15 couples are approaching Decision Day and some big decisions are being made before the event in the latest episode, “The Ugly Truth.”

From revelatory reveals to life-altering choices, this installment was nothing short of shocking and we’re breaking down every major moment, below. Beware of spoilers ahead as we delve into the drama of it all.

Getting to Know Close Confidants

Married at First Sight Season 15 Krysten

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With big choices looming, the couples are trying to learn more about each other with the help of friends and family as participants meet with those closest to their spouses. First up is Krysten, catching up with Mitch’s sister-in-law, whom she hopes has some insight on how to handle her husband’s contrarianism. Mitch’s sister-in-law agrees that he can be a lot to deal with, but advises Krysten to be honest and upfront about anything she’s thinking and feeling.

Justin meets with one of Alexis’ guy friends for insight on his wife. Along the way, Justin admits that he’s messed up on occasion but that he believes he and Alexis are on the same page, just not communicating the right way. Alexis’ friend acknowledges this and suggests that fear and pressure are making the bad moments worse for them.

During Miguel’s meeting with Lindy’s friend, he learns that she can get hangry and he addresses concerns that Lindy can get a little over-emotional in certain situations. Lindy’s friend agrees that she can get carried away, and ultimately Miguel wants to see if she can curb the negativity for the sake of their future together.

Nate chats with some of Stacia’s family about his recent introduction to her past in which she cheated on a partner. Nate admits that he judged his wife upon hearing this confession but chalks it up to having trust issues. Stacia’s family asks if the L-word has come into play and Nate admits he hasn’t said it yet but insists that it has nothing to do with his commitment. Meanwhile, during her meeting with his friends, Stacia learns that Nate never had a serious long-term relationship before, which could explain some of his shyness and aversion to admitting he loves Stacia.

Mitch closes out the conversations with a virtual call to his new sister-in-law. He expresses remorse for not seeing how great Krysten was when he first met her, and her sister confirms this, stating that Krysten is very open-minded. But as the conversation seems to drift in a positive direction, things take a left turn when he asks about the possibility of convincing Krysten to wear less makeup since he’s more attracted to her that way. Needless to say, Krysten’s sister isn’t pleased, as she defends the makeup and anything else Krysten might like against Mitch’s disapproval.

Honesty & Dishonesty

Married at First Sight Season 15 Miguel

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During a date where they go axe-throwing, Lindy and Miguel talk about their connection and overall good vibes. Despite not performing well against an expert thrower like Lindy, Miguel says he feels like he’s still winning by having her for a wife. Lindy is touched by the comment, but Miguel dampens the mood a bit by saying there’s still an underlying fear that it won’t work out and for that reason, he can’t say he’ll love her forever. The honesty is a bit too much for Lindy to handle as she tries brushing the conversation off.

Meanwhile, Mitch and Krysten are chatting over dinner at their apartment, which is a noisy affair as he slurps the noodles they’re devouring. Krysten thinks it must be because he’s hungry, but you can tell she’s displeased by the obnoxious noises. As they talk more, Mitch admits that he’ll likely get more intense with time, but he’s willing to hear her out about her house-flipping business idea. The one thing he doesn’t say to her is that he’d like to have her wear less makeup as he finds her prettiest without it.

Expert Advice

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The couples also meet with the experts for some feedback on handling any conflict between them. Krysten tells Dr. Pepper about her fear that Mitch is too contrarian for her, explaining that in the past, he looked down on her house-flipping idea because of the impact it could have on social issues. Dr. Pepper in turn tells Mitch to not put the whole picture of social issues on Krysten’s back. Admittedly, Krysten isn’t sure she can make it long-term, but she does confirm that her standards since the honeymoon have changed and that if they’re on good times by the time Decision Day arrives, she’ll say yes to staying together.

Pastor Cal talks to Stacia and Nate about their recent exercises, teasing that they’re embarrassing because of the sex aspect, but it’s all in good humor. Even with the couple’s stronger connection, Nate has yet to say “I love you,” and he admits he’s stopped himself from saying it a couple of times because he’s looking for the right moment. He also admits that it stems from a fear of falling in love. This brings up the fact that Stacia once cheated in a relationship and how that doesn’t make him feel any more secure, but she reassures that it was a long time ago and since then, she’s changed.

Alexis and Justin are next in the hot seat as they sit down with guest expert Devon Franklin, who broaches the topic of clubs and wants to know why they appeal to Alexis. She says that it makes her feel free and marriage makes her feel smothered. As a compromise, he advises that the couple finds an activity that allows them to both feel free so they can share in it and experience it together. Devon also brings up the couple’s lack of sex, pointing out that it’s usually a sign of uneven power dynamics. Can they work on that to reach an outcome they both appreciate? Only time will tell.

Morgan and Binh’s meeting with Dr. Pepper is a rather brief one as Morgan reveals she can’t proceed in a friendship or marriage with Binh, effectively putting an end to their union. Both of them agree that they want to divorce, and so it’s the beginning of the end for this duo’s time on the show. On the flip side, Lindy and Miguel meet with Pastor Cal and talk about their experience with the robot baby, teasing that it’s proven they’re not ready for kids right now. Miguel admits he’s adjusting to Lindy and tells her how her negativity impacts him. Pastor Cal backs this idea up, adding that no one should be forecasting doom in a relationship if they want it to succeed.

Couples Gathering Goes Wrong

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As the couples take some downtime together, they convene by the pool of their apartment complex, having a barbecue and playing games. It starts out relatively tame, but Krysten is clearly simmering as she tells the girls her sister told her about Mitch’s request that she wear less makeup. Morgan and Binh share the news about their divorce with everyone; they don’t seem surprised to hear it. Miguel and Lindy talk about their robot baby, and Justin and Alexis get candid about their struggles, particularly when it comes to intimacy.

When Alexis asks a question about Krysten’s makeup to Mitch, the evening begins to take a turn and she finally shares with everyone what her sister told her about Mitch’s phone call and request. She feels upset and just as things are getting tense, the experts surprise the group by dropping by. Devon offers advice to Alexis and Justin, noting that she needs to meet Justin halfway and he has to step up more. Dr. Pepper broaches the tension between Mitch and Krysten, and she shares the revelation she was recently made aware of by her sister.

Dr. Pepper points out that it is flattering in one way that Mitch prefers her without makeup and he’s making progress, but Krysten is done waiting. She’s going to start thinking of herself more and she ceremoniously states, “this is done.” But is it really done or is there reconciliation on the horizon? Stay tuned as Married at First Sight continues on Lifetime.

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