‘Ghost Hunters’: What to Expect From Season 15

Ghost Hunters is returning for its landmark 15th season this October as the TAPS team takes on new challenges, locations, and spirits.

Premiering Saturday, October 1 with the episode, “Keeper of the Light,” original Ghost Hunters members Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, and Dave Tango are back, along with Shari DeBenedetti. In the premiere episode, the team reunites with Amy Bruni, Adam Berr, and Kris Williams as they travel to the Flordia panhandle.

Ghost Hunters Season 15

(Credit: Travel Channel)

There, they visit a new exhibition that is stirring up paranormal activity at the Pensacola Lighthouse. The goal? For the worried staff of the lighthouse to confirm that visitors won’t be harmed by the unsettled spirits dwelling there. Along with premiering on Travel Channel, discovery+ subscribers will also have a chance to stream the episode when it goes live at 9/8c.

A week later on Saturday, October 8, the episode, “Bound by Blood,” welcomes one of the season’s first guests, Olympic ice skater Johnny Weir. Joining the TAPS team as they check out frightening paranormal events inundating Osterhout Free Library in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, they do a deep dive into the space of this former church that stands on land once bloodied by Revolutionary War violence.

The season’s hour-long installments will also revisit some of the team’s most chilling cases, investigate new hauntings inside mansions, businesses, historical sites, and much more. This is teased in the trailer, above, which also unveils additional Season 15 guests including The Ghost Brothers and Steve Shippy.

Armed with state-of-the-art tech, TAPS have proven its methodology and are addressing disturbing paranormal activity head-on. Don’t miss their adventures as Season 15 rolls out on Travel Channel and discovery+ this fall.

Ghost Hunters, Season 15 Premiere, Saturday, October 1, 9/8c, Travel Channel and discovery+