‘Ghost Hunters’ Stars Talk ‘Getting Back to Basics’ in ‘Ghost Nation’ (VIDEO)

Steve Gonsalves, Jason Hawes, and Dave Tango have brought a new paranormal investigation series to the Travel Channel, Ghost Nation.

The Ghost Hunters stars sat down with TV Insider’s Damian Holbrook in our New York Comic Con video suite to share what makes this series stand out from others and reflect on some past cases in New York.

“Our previous work seemed like we were doing a preliminary investigation,” Hawes said. “[With] this [series], you’re able to see us connecting with local researchers that are bringing us in on cases they’ve hit a road block on. … It’s about getting back to basics, keeping it real, and truly helping people.”

And they’re doing that in a way that’s different from what they’ve done in the past. “For the first time, we’re able to really help the clients and bring them to a resolution,” Gonsalves explained. “We’re not just leaving them there to deal with it after we’re gone.”

The Paranormal Investigation Pioneers Are Back With New Series 'Ghost Nation'See Also

The Paranormal Investigation Pioneers Are Back With New Series 'Ghost Nation'

Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, and Dave Tango, are back for all-new adventures to the other side in the Travel Channel series.

Watch the video above to find out why the show is called Ghost Nation and if there is a spike in paranormal activity during Halloween.

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