Jenny McCarthy on How ‘Masked Singer’ Has ‘Leveled Up’ For Season 8 (VIDEO)

Change is as much a part of Fox‘s hidden celebrity singing competition The Masked Singer as panelist Ken Jeong‘s seemingly endless theories on who is under those fabulous masks. (Truth be told, Ken has gotten better with his guesses over the seasons.) And Season 8, which kicks off September 21, is once again shaking things up, according to judge Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg .

“We’ve leveled up,” McCarthy Wahlberg teases of the new season. “I was going to say upgraded because we’ve definitely upgraded.”

For one thing, there will now be two unmaskings per episode, “so, you’re getting more bang for your buck,” McCarthy says, adding she loved the change-up this season. “I hope they keep it this way because it just works. It might have taken eight seasons to figure out, but it works.”

What hasn’t taken eight seasons to figure out is the dynamic chemistry between McCarthy and fellow panelists Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke. “In Hollywood, sometimes [that chemistry is] really hard to find and I think that’s why we are still together. We’ve become a family,” she shares.

During the chat, McCarthy also admits she doesn’t expect to ever be as surprised as she was when her husband, Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg, competed in the series. She also details her approach as a judge, including being a “psycho note taker” during performances. Watch the full conversation above!

The Masked Singer, Season 8 Premiere, Wednesday, September 21, 8/7c, Fox