‘Quantum Leap’ Stars Explain ‘Modern Twist’ in NBC Sequel to Classic Series (VIDEO)

“It’s very much a sequel, not a reboot,” says Caitlin Bassett, who is one of the stars of NBC‘s Quantum Leap sequel to the beloved series that ran on the network from 1989 to 1993 and starred Scott Bakula.

The actress, who plays Addison Augustine, one of the members of the contemporary Quantum Leap team, adds while this is a new take, “there’s definitely going to be a lot of Easter eggs and some character tie-ins from the original, which is very exciting.” Bassett and her co-stars Raymond Lee and Ernie Hudson sat down with TV Guide Magazine‘s Jim Halterman for the Returning Favorites cover story, which is in stores now.

Quantum Leap Raymond Lee

(Credit: Serguei Bachlakov/NBC)

In the series, it’s quantum physicist Ben Song (Lee) who finds himself jumping into strangers’ bodies in various timelines in his lifetime. But, just as he’s celebrating his engagement to Addison, he quietly leaves without telling anyone. “[Ben] took a leap in the quantum accelerator that was unsanctioned, and I think we’re trying to figure out why,” Lee says. Addison takes on the role of helping Ben in his leaping and not only gets information via returning computer Ziggy, she’ll also appear to him as a hologram in his leaps just as Dean Stockwell did as Al in the original series for Bakula’s Sam Beckett.

One of the aforementioned Easter eggs comes in the form of Herbert “Magic” Williams (Hudson), who is the Quantum Leap Team’s boss but he’s also a character that Beckett leaped into in an episode of the original series. Whether that connection is explored deeper in the series remains to be seen but Hudson stresses this Quantum Leap is for everyone. “I think it’s very familiar,” he says. “Obviously there’s a modern twist on it, but it definitely follows in the same spirit. For those fans who watched the original show, they will definitely enjoy it, and I think there’s a lot there for anybody just coming in for the first time to really get excited about as well.”

Watch the interview with Lee, Bassett, and Hudson above.

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