‘Married at First Sight’: 3 Key Moments From ‘Moody Monthiversaries’ (RECAP)

Married at First Sight Season 15 Stacia and Nate
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight Season 15 Episode 10, “Moody Monthiversaries.”]

Married at First Sight‘s Season 15 couples are celebrating a big milestone in their new relationships as they ring in their one-month anniversaries in the fittingly titled installment, “Moody Monthiversaries.”

While some pairs are making major strides towards reaching their hoped-for futures, others are hitting potentially irreparable road bumps. Below, we’re breaking down all of the drama so beware of spoilers ahead.

Second Opinions

Married at First Sight Season 15 Krysten

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As the couples prepare to acknowledge this next big step in their relationships, some of the participants are meeting with friends to get a second opinion or just vent. First up is Krysten who goes candlemaking with friend Zoe while talking about her marriage to Mitch. For the most part, Krysten admits marriage is good, but she is a little worried about being valued the right way as Mitch showed doubt towards her house-flipping ambitions.

Morgan catches up with her friend Debra at the apartment she’s supposed to be sharing with Binh, and she shares some background on their mysterious fight towards the end of the last episode. Morgan reveals that Binh has been coming to Justin with his issues about her and talking about private matters in front of him and Alexis to the point where Alexis alerted her. Essentially, Morgan feels like all trust with Binh is finally broken, but will it remain that way?

As for Justin, he meets up with his brother Donnell to go fishing, and while there, the sibling listens as he worries about draining Alexis, admitting that marriage is a challenge. Alexis, meanwhile, shares a glass of wine with her friend Jackie and tells her about good and bad days, revealing that Justin’s outbursts are forcing her to lose her drive for the relationship.

Stacia bakes with her mom and discusses concerns about Nate’s commitment. Stacia’s mom essentially tells her that she needs to accept that he’s showing her love through his actions, even if he can’t say the words, and that she can’t pick at a scab and expect it to heal and deliver the answer she wants.

Couple Things

Married at First Sight Season 15 Miguel Lindy

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Krysten and Mitch decide to go away for a retreat by a lake and help Stacia and Nate experience what it’s like to have a pet as they dogsit her pug Luna. After providing a very detailed list to Stacia, Krysten and Mitch head out for their retreat which includes yoga (with a bout of laughter for Krysten as she reacted to Mitch’s exercise noises) and some pretty peaceful moments. While on their trip, they receive their one-month anniversary baskets featuring photos from their wedding along with framed vows. While taking a peek at the basket, the pair re-read their vows to one another and while Krysten feels like she’s upholding her promises, Mitch admits it’s a reminder that he could do better and that he’s hopeful for the future together.

Lindy and Miguel take a boat ride together as part of their anniversary celebration, sharing with each other that they’re happy with their progress so far and hopeful they can continue to grow together. When they return home, they receive their anniversary basket and look over photos, and initially, he’s annoyed that she keeps calling certain moments awkward because it taints the memory, but it’s a small hiccup in an otherwise successful celebration.

Nate and Stacia’s day consists of going to her lawyer’s office where he signs a postnup, something he promised to do after their marriage as a reassurance to her. The gesture leads Stacia to share that she’s trusting Nate more and more and in turn, he says he hopes this shows her how much he cares. Keeping the merriment going, the pair end up having a lunch date where he confesses he’s falling in love. The pair end up celebrating by getting matching tattoos of their wedding date to further prove their commitment to each other.

Alexis and Justin do some scrapbooking together, looking back at their memories together so far. As they talk, he admits that he feels like he’s been trying to work on too much at once and that’s why he’s been a bit overwhelmed, but Alexis is thinking about the fact that she would have bailed on the relationship by now if they weren’t married. Taking things in stride, Alexis tries advising that Justin don’t look at Decision Day as an end date but rather as a milestone to help distract him from the big choice that has to be made.

As for Morgan, she takes in a marital arts session before meeting Binh at the spot where they married for a date he called. She’s cold though and drops the flower bouquet he tries handing her upon meeting. She calls him out for going behind her back to Justin and seeks an explanation for him going against her wishes.

Annoyed she isn’t getting any kind of answer she seeks, Morgan goes to leave but a producer convinces her to stay put for a few. Binh attempts to explain, apologizing for lying, but defending that he needed someone to vent to. But the damage is done as Morgan informs Binh that she intends to see the experience of this show through, but that she isn’t sure their relationship is salvageable before getting up and leaving. Shell-shocked, Binh isn’t sure what to do, admitting that he didn’t plan for the night to go this way.

Group Dinner

Married at First Sight Season 15 Alexis Justin

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Following their separate celebrations, the couples, minus Morgan and Binh, convene for a fancy group dinner where they provide updates on their marriages. lindy and Miguel are happy with where they are, saying that it’s better than expected. Stacia reveals that there have been growing pains, but that she and Nate are on an upswing, especially as he continues to profess how he’s falling in love. Krysten tells the group that she and Mitch are good, but she does feel like she bottles a lot up to keep their relationship good, and worries that she’s going to explode soon. He in turn tells her to be honest and open even at the expense of his feelings, hopefully leaving them in a good place.

When Justin chimes in that Mitch is showing some promising growth, Alexis gets annoyed because she wishes her husband would be worried about his own growth. When Justin asks her to comment on their relationship, she tells the group that she often has to regulate to accommodate his hot and cold temperament and that he’s not reliable emotionally.

She goes on to say that even when he apologizes, it doesn’t make his erratic approaches any less painful. Tearful, Alexis gets up from the table as the episode concludes with a concerning cliffhanger. Will Justin’s emotions get the best of him and his relationship with Alexis? Stay tuned as Season 15 of Married at First Sight continues on Lifetime.

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