‘Walker Independence’ Trailer: Abby Walker Takes Justice Into Her Own Hands (VIDEO)

The CW is diving deeper into the world of westerns with Walker Independence, premiering October 6. A prequel to Jared Padalecki‘s Walker, the new drama is set in the 1800s and tracks Cordell Walker’s ancestor, Abigail Walker (Katherine McNamara), and the ancestors of other Walker characters like Hoyt Rawlins and the Davidsons. Abby is on a quest for justice following her husband’s murder. And that hunt is front and center in the TV Insider exclusive trailer for Walker Independence, above.

Abby and her husband were traveling to Independence, Texas so he could begin his position as sheriff when he was shot and killed in an ambush. With the help of a local Indigenous tribe and a curious Apache tracker named Calian (Justin Johnson Cortez), Abby makes it to her destination, only to discover that her husband’s death may not have been random. And she believes that the new sheriff, Tom Davidson (Greg Hovanessian), is her husband’s killer.

In the above footage, Abby is more hellbent on uncovering the truth than ever before. Upon arriving in her new home, she quickly meets Hoyt Rawlins (an ancestor of the Walker character with the same, played by the same actor, Matt Barr). And as she builds a new life, Abby connects with the other townspeople who also came to Independence to get away from their pasts.

Abby enacts her plan for justice as Tom tries to carry out his plans for running Independence. But if the widow has anything to say about it, he won’t succeed. Hoyt tries to warn her against going up against the new sheriff, but Abby is only focused on justice.

The Walker Independence cast teased the upcoming series to TV Insider at The CW upfronts in May. McNamara said the series is “not your mama’s western.”

“It’s not the western you’re expecting,” she said. “Every character is not what they seem on the surface. It has the feel and the nostalgia of a western, but it’s a very modern story with characters that are going through real things that are so fascinating.”

Prepare yourself for a new kind of Western when the prequel debuts this fall on The CW.

Walker: Independence, Series Premiere, Thursday, October 6, 9/8c, The CW