Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green on Life as a Pro Wrestling Power Couple

Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green
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Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green have taken the pro wrestling world on — together. The power couple, who are married inside and outside the ring, prove hard work, determination, and an entrepreneurial spirit can pay off. They’ve also shown that setbacks — whether injury or a WWE release — don’t stop them from moving forward.

Cardona was sidelined earlier in the summer with a torn bicep, relinquishing the NWA championship at Alwayz Ready. Meanwhile, a pay-per-view event was centered on him. (Talk about adding insult to injury.) Now, the driven performer is preparing for his comeback, hand picking his opponent at NWA 74. Green has also battled back from her own injuries and found success in the NWA, even winning the Women’s Invitational Cup last year.

Here, the two sit down with TV Insider to talk about the evolution of their relationship and some big plans ahead.


Hiban Huerta

When was the moment you really fell for each other?

Chelsea Green: Our relationship was built entirely outside of wrestling. Although we had it in common, that’s definitely not what we spoke about for the first two or three years. Our relationship was built on every other thing. That is probably what made us so strong in the beginning.

Matt Cardona: I didn’t want to date a wrestler. I won’t say I was peer pressured into dating you, but Cody [Rhodes] and Brandi set us up. I went on one date, which turned into two dates. The next thing I know her toothbrush is at my house. We weren’t working together, so we weren’t talking about wrestling. It was a normal life. I think once she got signed by WWE, and I had to hear about her days in the Performance Center it was like, “This is why I don’t want to date a wrestler.”

Was there any trepidation of you two coming together onscreen as well?

Chelsea: Nobody asked us if this was a good idea. We had never really had our careers in the same place at the same time. Even though we were together, we were put in the same box because we’re a couple. There was a huge learning curve for us. I don’t think Matt was really in the ring with females a lot. I’m not going to speak for all females, but I’m sensitive. My work is part of my heart too. So, when he says he doesn’t like something, it hurts my feelings That’s hard to hear from your partner, but it’s something we have learned to navigate through.

Matt: We started at Impact Wrestling where she was the surprise partner at Slammiversary. It was a good fit there, but we hadn’t done it before. It was actually odd. I also don’t like to room with people or ride with people including her, especially her.

Chelsea: What?!

Matt: I’m not going to sugarcoat something either. When something is the sh*ts, I’m going to tell you it’s bad. I’m not a coach. I think she appreciates it once the initial shock wears off because someone needs to tell you when something is not good. Now it’s fun because we found our dynamic. Before we were just thrown together on Impact, which, pretty sure it was my idea to have her with me.

Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green GCW

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You are newlyweds now, but have you thought about kids?

Chelsea: I think that is definitely the natural step. With Cassie [Lee] and [Shawn] Spears getting pregnant too. I feel like 2023-2024 you’re going to see a lot of turnaround for the women of my age group. It’s also hard because unlike Matt I can’t keep wrestling. I do have to take time off and focus on just being a mom. I have to make sure it’s the right time for me, but it’s never the right time.

How many offers did you get from bookers to get married on a wrestling show?

Matt: [None], but Miz actually offered us his house. I’m pretty sure he wanted to use it for Miz & Mrs though.

Ulterior motive!

Chelsea: We actually were considering it, but the pandemic totally screwed it up.

Matt, this is your big weekend coming back to the NWA. What makes this company stand out to you both?

Matt: I was impressed by the vision of NWA. I feel like the NWA and Matt Cardona are very similar. We have been counted out and are rebuilding. I’m appreciative of the opportunities given to me by the NWA. One of the things I love about going to the NWA tapings is the freedom. Obviously, there is some direction. I just love that it’s not word-for-word. I also love that in the weeks after the tapings there are weekly emails where the whole talent roster is sent graphics and hashtags. That’s very important for the world of social media.

Chelsea, you had a big moment winning the Invitational Cup at EmPowerrr. What did that do for your confidence?

Chelsea: That was one of the first big things that I did on the indies. For me, having someone like Mickie James choose for me to be in that main event and be the first person to the ring in the main event was huge. She had all the confidence in me when I didn’t even have it in me. I think that set the tone for how I felt for the rest of the year. Although maybe WWE at the moment didn’t believe in me there are people who do.

Matt, you had to vacate the NWA championship. AEW crowns an interim champion when someone gets injured, while NWA, under owner Billy Corgan, doesn’t. Do you think NWA should have done that in your scenario?

I believe I should have been stripped. My whole thing about becoming the champion is that nobody was defending it everywhere and not traveling around the world. I was very proud to do that. Maybe I wasn’t defending it everywhere, but I brought it out everywhere. I brought it to Disneyland Paris. I brought it to the Maldives on our honeymoon. If I couldn’t defend it, take it off me. Then give me the opportunity to get it back when I’m healed. The doctors said I would be out for five to six months. If you do the math, I’m out for less than three months because I did not want to miss another NWA pay-per-view. I respected Billy’s decision.

NWA 74

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You have your mystery opponent at NWA 74. Is it someone you’ve faced before?

Matt: It’s a mystery to everyone else, but not to me. It is a first-time match. I know people think I’m going to Money in the Bank cash-in style on Trevor Murdoch or Tyrus. I’m not going to do that. Don’t worry. I got someone in mind. I think this person is the future of NWA. Let’s see if this kid can hang.

It’s nice to see you both healthy. How does it feel to be back? The world is your canvas.

Matt: The past two years since I was released from WWE have been my absolute favorite. The most successful I’ve ever been in my whole wrestling career. It’s so much fun; 2022 has been crazy. What’s going to happen when I’m healthy now? We had our real wedding, our GCW wedding. Chelsea is now one-half of the Knockouts tag team champions at Impact.

Chelsea: The past year and past two years for Matt, there is no denying we have been two of the hottest free agents in professional wrestling. That was our goal. We’ve done it. I think we’re going to continue to do it next year. The amazing thing about being a free agent is that there is no limit to that.

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